07 July 2011

Zebra Attendance Markers & Signs Plus Name Tags

 In my room when the students come in they move their number from a blank spot on the board (white/magnetic board) to a space blocked off with tape. There are 3 spaces: a hot lunch space, a cold lunch space, and a bathroom space. I use small circles with numbers on them (because my kiddos have numbers) and magnets on the back. They move their number to hot or cold lunch when they get to school. This way I know that they're at school and if they're having hot lunch so I can send the hot lunch count down. They also move their number to the bathroom side if they leave so that way I know that they are not in the classroom. It's worked awesome for me so far. I have numbers made already, but of course they're not zebra, so here's Zebra ones! You can print them on cardstock, laminate them, and cut them. Then stick a magnet on the back.
Zebra Attendance & Name Tags


Shelley Stokes said...

Do you have a salad sign? That would be awesome!

Magnetic Name Badges said...

superb idea! thank you so much for sharing this one with us. I will surely use your ideas. Just love them.

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