16 July 2011

Communication Journal, Notes, Etc.

I feel like I've been neglecting my poor Bloggy... I've just been busy creating!! 

Inside of my STRIPE Books I will be putting a communication journal. Basically I fold my cover in half so it makes the front of back of the book, then I copy lots of the lined paper, cut it, and staple it inside. I always have the kids keep these in their 'Bring Back' side and if Mom/Dad write in it, they turn it into the homework bin or in this year's case, homework drawer. It's easy and a great way to keep commincation.

I also provide parents with a set of 'Change in Transportation' notes for easy use. Nothing makes me crazier than parents who call at 3:30 when we're dismissing to change their kids dismissal or when I walk the kids to where they need to go and they're calling me over the walkie-talkies to tell me there's a parent somewhere else. These make it easy, peasy pie!!

I had a few people ask me for a few things in primary colors with dots, so I'm also posting them. I'll have another post later after I eat a yummy dinner here shortly with a few new things I've made. I have to put a few finishing touches on them before I post them.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway sillies!!!
Zebra Communication Journal

Zebra Transportation Notes

Polka Dot Transportation

Polka Dot Communication Journal

Primary Colors Polka Dot Schedule Cards

Polka Dot Primary Colors Job Spot


Jennifer said...

thank you so much!!! you are awesome!! :)

Julie said...

I really like the change in transportation slips. So great! Thanks.

Jackie and Danielle said...

I adore everything you create!! Thanks so much for sharing!! You rock!!
Sister Teachers

Gladys said...

Hey twinkie! You rock! LOVE all your creations! Thanks for sharing!


P.S. What program do you use to make your awesome stuff? And where do you find your prints? TIA.

Mrs. E said...
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Melissa said...

Hello! Thank you for sharing all of your stuff, I am in love with it all! I downloaded the Primary Polka Dot Job Spot and really need 2 Bathroom Monitors (1 in Blue and 1 in Hot Pink) as well as a Safety Patrol. How can I do this or can you tell me what font you used and I can create labels to put on top of two that have already been created. TIA!


Brittany Neal said...

Do you have a zebra print set of job cards? I saw somewhere that you did but I can't find it anywhere. My email is ledbetter2@marshall.edu. Thanks!

Lindsey Arcularius said...

I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest, & started following immediately! Love it all. We may be separated at birth, with the love for scrapbooking, teaching, baseball, cupcakes, Marilyn, & the Gators! lol