06 July 2011

Updated Documents

Hey all!

I updated the previous posts with the links to Scribd. If you click the link it will take you to the Scribd website. You may need to take a few seconds to sign up for an account, but if you don't have one I highly recommend it. I use it on my classroom blog so parents can read electronic copies of the newsletter and can print extra worksheets and stuff at home. If for some reason you are uncomfortable with getting an account or something please let me know and I'll happily send it to you differently! I can put them on Google Docs too. Thanks for all the comments already. Happy downloading :)


Love, Polka Dot said...

Ok so seriously, you have changed my life!!!! lol. Is there an email you I can contact you at? I cant seem to find it and wanted to run a few ideas by you! :)

Krystyi said...

Yes you can :)

It's Teachinheels@gmail.com