29 May 2012

Is Anyone Still Out There?

So as of Friday at 3:05 I was officially on Summer Break. I have no other goal for summer break, then to return to my love I have left, blogging. It was a rough start to 2012, but things are nothing short of amazing now. I finished up my first year in 3rd grade with 25 of what can only be described as the greatest class of all time. I'm all situated in my new little space I call home, I have some new wonderful people in my life, and summer's here, which means so is pool life. 

So thank you to everyone who is still out there in bloggy land following me. Thank you times a million to everyone who left a comment/thought. Words cannot express how much they all meant to me. Now, it's a new start, blogging all of my thoughts, ideas, everything from the past few months, and for my new classroom. (Not only new, as in new year and new kids, but I moved across the hallway into my first "normal" classroom - my first 2 years I was in a giant room, last year I was in a tiny room)

So my first intention is to log onto my Teacher's Notebook account, for I fear I have probably 75 unanswered messages. Not purposely, but because I needed to focus on my life before anything else. If you are out there angry and upset because I never got back to you, please forgive me and understand life happened, and I put my focus there, as I would hope any other person would do. My next intention is to removed to 200+ photos from my poor iPhone so I can clear up some space, and of course share with the world what has been happening in 3rd grade over the past 5 months. 

Thank you again if you're still following me, or hoping I would return someday. I am here, and cannot wait to spend my entire summer finding every new idea, creative craft, or fancy font! :) I hope ya'll will continue to stay and find and share new things with me!

<3 Christie