10 July 2011

Exhausted... Plus Questions for Everyone

Hey all!

You'd think I'd never be exhausted, I mean it's not like I do that much! I pretty much do nothing, but work out, dream of school (that's so pathetic, shouldn't I be dreading school?), and watch TV with the puppy! This is my recent project:

That right there gives me anxiety! I can't stand the fact that I'll be going to bed tonight and probably the next few nights with that on my living room floor. (Don't mind the fact that my puppy continues to climb all over them, as he is just about to do in this picture!) I do have to say things are much easier with small chapter books, versus with my firsties and all their picture books. Although, I do love picture books much better.

My question for everyone is... How exactly does everyone sort those misc. chapter books that have no series... or for that matter the ones I only have a few of from each series (i.e. that Judy Moody right there at the bottom). I'm at a loss for what to do with the rest... Any advice?

How does everyone store them?? I have so many bins and I don't think I'll use them because chapters are so much smaller. Walmart at packs of 36 packs of these for $34 (which I normally get at the store anyway cuz they're about a dollar):
One last thing, just in case anyone is doing a zebra theme, Walmart also had this chair on sale!! Woohoo!!
Enjoy the night! It's still hotter than anything here, and it's almost 11pm!! Ugh, I'm so the heat!!


Leslie said...

I wrote about library organization on my blog... it is my current project too! I used the same shoe box bins from walmart along with some from Dollar General. As far as organizing your books goes, check out Beth Newingham's website. She has free labels on there too that covers just about any book under the sun!!

Last year I put Judy Blume and another author together in their same bucket. Good luck to you!!!

Mrs. D said...

OMG! Thanks for the tip about the chair!! I have been wanting a small chair for my teacher table and this would be perfect for my jungle theme! :)


Love, Polka Dot said...

You really need to check out Ladybug Teacher Files and look at the way she organizes her library. She also offers these adorable circle labels for the bins! I ended up organizing my books that way and I love it! :)

Krystyi said...

Thanks ladies, I've love both those sites! I do love the organization system I have... I just need a way to figure out those few stragglers that have no home.

Mrs. D - I loved that chair the second I saw it! It should be here by Friday, I can't wait to open it up and see what it looks like in person!

Diane said...

I've taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade over the last 8 years. My first tip to you is to keep the picture books available. I was 3rd grade the last two years and they loved to read those books and for many of my students they were at their level. You just don't need to sort them as much. I had sections like: animals, America, pioneers, poetry, by author such as Jan Brett, Tomie de Paola, Gail Gibbons, but I also had a group of containers with just fiction picture books.

For the chapter books I sorted by author, also. I had for those odd ones that are easier chapter books in a section called that. Those included The Kids of the Polk Street School, Horrible Harry, Junie B. Jones, etc. I had two containers of those. I also had some in bins just called fiction. I would sort the nonfiction by type such as poetry, biography, science, pioneers (we study those in Oregon), etc. I hope this helps.

I really like that chair. I may need to look into that. I don't know what I have since I'm going to a different school, but an extra is always nice.