17 July 2011

Comprehension Beanie Babies

 My poor computer is a wreck... I was digging through to see what 1st grade stuff I've made that I could post and would be useful for everyone. I found these and I got all kinds of excited!! I love using these in my room. Maybe because I was a diehard beanie baby collector and it makes me happy knowing they're being put to good use. I was thinking maybe I won't use these in 3rd grade, but then I realized as I look at them, they'd probably be put to more use in 3rd grade. If anyone's ever looking for some beanies... I'm pretty sure my very favorite, best friend was just talking about how she wish she could find someone to buy hers! LOL!

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Andie said...

thank you for sharing these!

andrea said...

These are super cute! I have them up in my room w actual pics of the beanie babies i found on amazon. Think thats some kind of copywrite issue??? :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to print these? I tried but only the picture not the text printed. I didn't see them in your shop to purchase but would love to have them. Help!

Jan said...

Thanks for the great set of beanie baby posters. I've been collecting beanies (and posters too!) for the last few years. Time to get busy and print them!