13 July 2011

More Requests (Primary Colors & Dots)

Primary Passes

Primary D5 Signs

Primary Balloons

Primary Owl DOT Binder

Primary Circles


Becky Mitchell said...

These are adorable! I appreciate all of your ideas! Is there any way to change the DOT binder to First Grade rather than second? I am new to all of this, so not sure. Thanks again! Becky

Adrienne said...

I blogged about you here:


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for all of your ideas! I'm a first grade (first year) teacher and was starting to stress over the fact that I didn't have theme for my classroom! Our school already had all kinds of primary colored accessories that I could use but I couldn't find anything "primary colored" themed that I liked! I found your blog and have downloaded all of your primary themed things!! Such a huge stress relief!!

Is there any way you can do a primary themed schedule cards and jobs? I think those are the only two things that I couldn't find primary colors for. Thanks again!!

Jennifer said...

oh and DOT binder organizer signs in red, blue, and yellow? thanks!

HHAUGEN said...

I am in polka dot heaven right now! Thanks so much! :)

Taunya Smith said...

If I could get pastel dots I would be in polka dot heaven. I am trying the dots on chocolate theme this year and there isn't much out there on the net to go with it. If you could develop some that would be GREAT!