28 July 2011

A Whole Mess of Stuff While the Sirens Blare Away... Eeekkk!!

Okay, I'm about to pass out, so if there are misspelled words and mistakes all over this post, don't yell at me!! I felt it was my Bloggy duty to post for you though because I've neglected all my Bloggy people, and all of a sudden I'm 1 follower away from 300. I can.not.believe this. Like seriously people, I just play around on my computer and make stuff because I'm sooooo OCD about everything. I heart all of you to the max. I made a lot of stuff, fixed a few things, and posted a few things in my store. Things that took me a while got posted in my store, a few other things are here as freebies. I'm going to the Chalkboard (a teacher's store in Northern Illinois) tomorrow... it could get ugly. We'll just see what kind of haul I come back with. Anyway here are some things that are finished. Other's still need some finishing touches.

Find it at the Teacher's Notebook!

Find it at the Teacher's Notebook

Lots of free themed versions on Google Docs

Find it at the Teacher's Notebook

Zebra and Polka Dot themed versions on Google Docs
*Does like everyone do this for their parties? 
'Cuz I'm sure it's all kinds of popular on Pinterest!
Zebra themed on Google Docs

On Google Docs 
*I love this trick! So fabulous!!

On Google Docs
*Just cuz! Why not?!

On Google Docs, for those of you looking for other ones!

If you need something customized, please, please, please e-mail me with specifics. Some things are really quick and easy to customize (many I've already done for others), other things take much more time and I'll set up a special listing on Teacher's Notebook for an extra fee. Especially with all the craziness with school coming soon. On another note, thank you to the suggestions for mosquito bites... I can only imagine the boy's face as I go to bed with tape and unheard of concoctions all over my mosquito bites!! Alrighty my loves, as I go to bed and listen to the storm rolling through, I'll try to think of my 300 followers giveaway!! :)

Side Note: As I was just about to hit send, the TORNADO sirens went off. It's like midnight... I've never heard them go off at night, SCARY!! Matter of fact though I've had the sirens go off more in the past month than probably in my 26 years of life!! Eeek!!


Amanda said...

Hi Christie! I am planning on using your Zebra CAFE menu headers this year, but I was going with the "FACE of a Reader" spin on it. Well, I just stumbled upon "FACES of a Reader" where Mrs. Winston added Strategies for Test Taking. This is great for third grade! You can check it out HERE: http://jessicaywinston.blogspot.com/2011/07/faces-of-reader.html

Would you be willing to plop that into your template since you already made it and create another page for test strategies? I would soooooo appreciate it! :)


Kristi said...

Thank you for all the awesome creations! The are beautiful!

Ms. Nicole's Class said...

I am super excited that I came across your blog! I LOVE all of your zebra stuff! Thanks for your hard work!

Anonymous said...

CHRISTIE YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!! Thank you so much for doing the special signs...YOU ROCK!!!!!


Mrs. K said...

Thank you so much for sharing so generously! I hope all is well with you after the tornado sirens went off.


Laura said...

I LOVE all your zebra things! I have printed off many of them, an plan to have them aroudn the room. I can't wait to see the finshed product!


Kari said...

Wow! Tornado sirens at midnight! I live in OK and are used to those sirens all the time but I have never heard them at midnight! Hope everyone in your area is doing well!

Cyndy said...

All kinds of cuteness! I was thinking of also doing water bottle labels. LOL! Love all your stuff and love that you are openingly sharing with others!
Counting with Coffee

Carla Patch said...

Thanks so much...I can scratch the "In Our Class" poster off my to do list now. Again thanks for your willingness to share your wonderful creations.

Kristen Trelz said...

Hello there! Thanks also for your wonderful goodies and ideas that you share with us all.

One thing, when I view the "In Our Class" posters, there is a line (6 lines down) that says "We do encourage" that is all jumbled up together. Just thought I would point that out to you.

Fabulous materials! Thanks again for all that you do! :)


Alisha Stevens said...

You have done a fantastic job on EVERYTHING! So, so cute!!! I am doing a safari theme, so the zebra print stuff is perfect for my room Thank you for sharing with teachers!


mtompkins said...

Christie--You're amazing! I love how creative you are! Thanks for sharing all the cute things! I would love the zebra water bottle labels with welcome to 1st grade.

Thanks! You ROCK!!


WILD About First Grade!

Katie King said...

I think we are long lost soulmates! I LOVE your zebra print and Freebies! Come visit my blog when you get a chance!


Kristen said...

Your creations are amazing! Would you be able to make the water bottle covers for 2nd grade? That would be amazing if you could!


Creative Crafts by Janel said...

I just found your page and love all of your things. Thanks for sharing. Would you mind sharing what type of program you use to create your files? Thanks so much!

AnnB said...

Love your blog. I have found some great ideas to use this year. I especially live the zebra theme!

Pam said...

I love all your zebra things! I sent you an email the other day, and was wondering if you could please make some water bottle labels that say Welcome to Kindergarten ? I would be willing to pay for them depending on the cost. . Can you please let me know? My email is pks0221@suddenlink.net
Thanks- Pam