28 July 2011

Polka Dots & Signs

I went to the teacher's store today and got way too much. Mi mama is fab-u-lous!! I think she feels so bad for me because she sees how much I spend (probably because her whole front room has been filled with the majority of my stuff since early June!!). She always find the greatest stuff from stores or magazines!! Anyway she treated me to my teacher's store spree today so that was all kinds of amazing. After I do some more shopping tomorrow I'll post the haul so you can see all the goodies I hope I find!! 
I'm going to the boy's hometown this weekend, small town for this city girl ;-) so I'm contemplating whether or not I'll be bringing this little ol' laptop of mine (but in all seriousness ya'll know I can't stay away from my bloggy ladies).

I've had quite a few custom questions/orders. I have a few things customized so I figured I'd post some things I've been doing. I'm too exhausted to find new pictures, so look closely cuz I'm using the old pictures, but with new links :)

@Teacher's Notebook

A few other things that I've created... my pictures are so icky.
I've been too lazy to find my camera, so I've been using my phone.
I already have my Christmas list... I want a GOOD camera, more than a regular ol' point and shoot!

{This one's so not finished... I ran out of the ribbon color I needed!}

{The pictures make it hard to see! Wah! I'm going to hand it somewhere!!}

That's all for now... I'm sure I'll come up with something while my brain is hard at work tonight.


mrsmabe said...

I absolutely l-o-v-e all the zebra print things you have posted! I have been a busy bee laminating and cutting out! I am working on a jungle theme in my room. Very excited to see it all come together! Thanks so much!

Christie said...

You're welcome :) I'm glad I could be a help! I have to get my laminator going all next week. I've made so much and haven't printed very much of it at all. I'll be a BUSY BEE the next 2 weeks!!

Jackie and Danielle said...

Love your blog makeover!! Your Zebra designs are awesome as well!! Thanks so much for sharing! =)

Jill said...

Oh man! I so want to go to the Chalkboard... I was in the western suburbs for a while and would drive past on the way to Qdoba, haha!

Marvelous Multiagers!

HHAUGEN said...

You are my polka dot hero!! Thank you so much! :)

Denise said...

I just found your blog and it is adorable. You are very creative! Thanks for sharing.


K@The Thrifty Teacher said...

Thank you for posting the math signs in polka dots. I have SO much cute stuff for reading- but nothing for math.

I love all of your zebra stuff btw- I am sure your room will look awesome!

Yvonne Dixon said...

Love your blog and your products! Too cute!-Yvonne (Sassy in Second)

A Wife and Her Coach said...
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A Wife and Her Coach said...

I have a question. Is there a way to just get the text or the inner box from these posters?(Stop, Highlight your name poster)
I love the things you make, they are super cute. But I don't have the money to use all that ink so I was going to just print the words/picture and put them on polka dot paper. Help!


Anonymous said...

So cute! THanks for sharing!


Christie said...

That banner is A-DOR-ABLE! I made one out of material, but yours looks stiff. What did you make it with? Thanks!
First Grade Fever

Christine said...

I just discovered your blog this morning...... great stuff! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE your "voice" that you put into your blog entries! And I absolutely love and downloaded your Good Readers poster! thx!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say I am amazed by your classroom and your work..you do some beautiful things....I wish I had money to dazzle my classroom up the way yours is...slowly but surely I will get there..love your work...keep it up!!