11 July 2011

Math Games

 I'm a huge fan of anything that doesn't require a lot of cutting, laminating, etc... even though I seemed to be drawn to those kind of projects. Go figure! Anyway I have used these math games for the past 2 years in my classroom for my firsties, and I plan on using them this year in 3rd grade as well. They're so easy. I usually just print out the game directions and laminate them. Then you have 2 choices for the game cards. If you have any sets of playing cards you're not using (BTW there are sets in the Dollar Section @Target) you can use those, otherwise you can print, laminate, and cut the matching zebra cards to go with. It's usually pretty simple. The kiddos are usually pretty good about understanding the directions and playing. Right before summer comes or sometimes before winter break I send a set home with my kids too so they can play and practice at home. Hopefully someone finds these useful like I have the past 2 years!!

Zebra Math Games


teachn3-4me said...

I love, love, love your zebra card games. Is there anyway, you can post/send me a copy so I can change the zebra to something western to match my classroom theme? Thanks, Nicole

Krystyi said...

Hi Teach,

I can edit them with certain colors or backgrounds if you'd like to give me an idea of what you're looking for. For very specific reasons (from experiences with people stealing my things and claiming them as their own) I don't post anything that's editable. I hope you understand, but I would definitely be more than happy to help you out by editing it for you :)

teachn3-4me said...

I totally understand that! All I need is for the zebra cards to be HORSE cards or something western like that...I don't even care to keep the zebra print-it is so CuTe and almost makes me want to chage themes with all the zebra ideas online and PT right now...I don't know what kind of graphics you have but I have all kinds of western stuff in my room so horses, horseshoes, cowboys, etc. would work fine. Our classroom colors are hunter green, navy blue, burgundy (which I use red since I don't have much of the burgundy in my classroom. Whatever you come up with will be GrEaT with me! Thanks so much for your help- I love your stuff and am blog stalking your blog all the time! LOL

Ms. Khaksari's 2nd grade said...

I swear, your blog is by far my favorite! Thanks to you, my classroom is so in style this year!