2010-2011 Class Photos

Here's last year's classroom. It wasn't really how I wanted it to be either, but it was better than the first year. I hate not being organized, but I still found myself not being organized last year. I didn't take most of these pictures until October, hence the Halloween decorations! Hopefully this year I'll be proud to show my pictures, not embarrassed, LOL! Enjoy :)

First day back into my room! So plain and boring!!

I can't believe how empty it is at the beginning of the year.

 My favorite helper (brother) helping me construct all of my new furniture!

All decorated in polka dots!

 My room wasn't supposed to be a regular room, so I had a closet.
My kiddos stored their backpacks in here too.

My Halloween door... That haunted house took forever!!!

 View from the door... the front of the room, and my desk.

The back of the room where the bucket fillers, word wall, and some D5 stuff was.

Another spot for the kids to read, plus the FACE board.

The view of the back of the room, including my assistant's desk.

Area of by my desk with all of my storage containers. 
Plus the M-F cart!!

Guided Reading Table with books behind the table.

Some of the comprehension strategy posters.

The FACE Board.

 The book boxes and some of the library books.

Bucket Fillers

Word Wall

Front of room on the other side...

My desk <3