02 November 2013

The Updated Classroom

The way the classroom was at the beginning worked well, but I really am loving this setup!
Remember, it's all about how you use your space! My room really isn't big at all, I just use it right!

view from the door

 the back wall with some posters on it

the cubbies with our character pumpkin projects & monster writing

the front of the classroom with the smartboard before mounting

the front part of the classroom where a laptop will be, and my computer is

another view of the back

 a view of the back and side where my desk is

view of the other side of the classroom

27 October 2013

2013 - 2014 Classroom

My 2013-2014 Classroom
It has changed a little since then, I will post more pictures soon
so you can see the changes!

view from the door, walking in

part of my area, with the computer

behind my desk, normally there is a vent there so it's unusable space

these were the teams in their standings at that point

view from the back of the room

view of the windows, library, & my desk

a different view from the door.

the front, including homeworkopoly

view of the back of the classroom.
(it wasn't complete at this point)

one last view of the back of the classroom.

Sometimes Life Hits You in the Face

My goal for the past year, has been to get back to blogging.

I really do love sharing ideas about what is happening in my classroom, which has changed so much.

The past year, year and a half really, has been the craziest whirlwind ever. So many things have happened and I'm definitely no where near I would have ever expected, because of both good and not so good reasons. Needless to say I'm here, and I'm hoping maybe I still have a few people out there who are interested in seeing what's going on in my classroom.

I"m managing a half honors, half regular (well more like 3/4 honors, 1/4 regular)so I've had to get creative in what I'm doing. We also just instituted math common core, so not only is math different for me because of honors, but it's also tricky to try and find ways to incorporate the cc math practices. I'm trying though!

Anyway, I hope I still have a few followers out there that can benefit from what I share... and if you are thanks for sticking with me :) Look forward to some ideas and pictures within the next few days! :)