17 July 2011

6 Traits Writing Posters

We use the series Good Habits, Great Readers. In 1st grade the writing program was very... I dunno, dry? Not really dry, but it stretched things out WAY too long for firsties! I'm excited to see what 3rd grade's consists of, or maybe I'm dreading it? No really, I'm keep an open mind! Anyway I still think the 6 Traits are a key of writing so here are my posters... I spiced them up a bit from what they used to look like. I have a polka dot version and a zebra version. I started to do a primary colors one, but everything wouldn't edit well, so I didn't continue... Sorry all my primary color friends!! I also posted polka dot library labels in the post below that talked about how I sorted my library.

6 Trait Posters


Mrs. Wyand said...

Love those trait posters! They look awesome. Thanks for sharing them!

Diane said...

These posters are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with everyone.

I think you will like 3rd grade. I taught it for the past two years. In my state, teaching writing to 3rd graders was so important because the state writing test is in January during 4th grade. I really pushed those kids and was amazed at how much better writers they were by the end of the year.

I'm switching from 4th then 3rd and now 1st and feel lost since first graders know so little in reading and writing. I don't even know where to begin.

Thanks for all of these things you have shared with us.

The Teacher's Jungle

thepolkadotowl said...

Thanks , these are awesome Christie, can you send me your email address? I found some gorgeous lettering I think you would love and I can't find your email! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the Dots Writing Trait Posters. I am new to your blog and can't figure out how to print them or where to buy them if I need to do that. Can you help? WOuld love to use them in my classroom if I can get my hands on them. Thanks so much!
Carrie Collins

Christie said...

Carrie - You can click on the link. It will take you to Scribd. You do need an account to print them, but it's an easy account to get :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I love your stuff! i used to have the time to make all of this fun stuff but after baby number 2 last fall i am struggling to get everything ready for sdhool start up in two weeks! Luckily my sweet girl, she is two, loves to help her mom Cricut! I too am changing grades - going from 2 (which I have taught for 5 years) and the other 5 in elementary - to middle school! What was I thinking! Only teaching reading sounded like a fun challenge:) Thanks again for all the fun stuff:)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I think I give up!! I can't make that page work to print out the 6 Traits Dots. I have an account but then it won't let me log on to get to the document. Is there any way that you could repost it or email it to me? I hate to be a bother but I don't know what my problem is when it comes to that site:) Thanks!

Sigalit Chana said...

Yes, I was trying to print them as well, and it says they are private. I would love to use them with my boys in our homeschool, any help would be appreciated =) thanks!

dkiser said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful zebra 6+1 posters. Our school is taking on that initiative this year and I just happen to change my theme to zebras this year!

Paulina Tawil said...

These are great posters. Thanks for sharing. You might want to consider having the sentences capitalized. I find that it is confusing for kids when we don't show examples written correctly. Capitalization is important in their writing.

Christie said...

Paulina - This post was from last year. I no longer even have access to these files. I do have new files similar to these that are posted in my store.

My 3rd graders are usually great with capitalization so I wasn't as worried about that at the time.

jholm said...

I loved the look and content of your 6 trait posters but didn't download them because they are done in a font that doesn't utilize capitalization at the beginning of a sentence. Poor modeling for the Conventions Trait.