19 July 2011

Games, Games, & More Games...

Can I puh-lease just give a shout out to Jill at Maervelous Multiagers because she knew my W sign was the Cubbies win sign?! I may be slightly obsessed with baseball... and sports in general ❤

Okay so after spending the rest of the day with my brother, who I mentioned earlier, all I have to say is bless all of your hearts that have children. I'm still in my mid-20's so I'm not at that point yet. I have my own baby.. he's 25 pounds, and white with black spots. Oh, he has a wet nose, long tail, and big, floppy ears as well!! I love my 30 kiddos I spend the day with, but I love giving them back at 3:30 and having my peace.

{ohh... heeeey there bloggy friends!}

Anyway, I've been busy turning and twisting through ideas in my little head for miscellaneous things that could be useful around the classroom. Is anyone looking for something specific? I've really been concentrating on making some games that are more 3rd grade specific. I know I've posted some of them, but I'll post all the ones I've made in the past week. All of them are posted on

My Teacher's Notebook:

So here are some of the things I've made. I wish I had my new 3rd grade resources so I could figure out what else I should make. Anyway, once the new computer is all ordered and delivered I'll make some more games that are more primary too!!

{mixing contraction with the words that make them up}
*umm... hello?! this one's free!!!*

 {matching root words with their 're' or 'un' prefixes}

 {go fish style antonym matching game}

{concentration style homophone matching game}

{concentration style synonym matching game}

{war style card game determining if there's a prefix or suffix}

{matching the scoop with the cone to make a compound word}
*another freebie!!!*

So that takes care of that!! Now some of you may have seen these:

But... well... I'm not so sure I love them. So I made these as well. I'm sure I'll probably make 15 more versions before school starts, but for now I'm using these for my word wall.

Word Wall Letter Cards

I also use a binder that I call my Reflection Journal. It has a cover and is full of pages where students draw and write about the unacceptable choices they have made. They usually do this if they move to the 2 bottom colors of the clip chart. It helps them realize why the decision(s) they made weren't the best ones. I usually only have the parents sign them in really bad situations. I also make copies before I send them home and to make sure there is one in the student's file. I remade mine to match my zebra room, I also made 2 polka dot versions, and because I know quite a few of you are doing a cowboy theme... I made one for all of you. Here are a few versions:

Zebra RJ

Dots RJ

Red Dots RJ

Cowboy RJ


Jill said...

Yeah me! And also, you totally read my mind because I need Word Wall letter cards!! I'm not doing zebra print but I don't even care because they are that cute. Thanks!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Erin Eberhart said...

Ahhh, I love the word wall cards and with my classroom theme being "safari-ish" because we are eberhart's explorers, these will go perfect! Cannot wait to post some pics. Thanks for sharing! *squeal!*

Carolyn said...

I am loving all the zebra stuff, you totally rock. I am trying to design a Give me Five poster and a What good reader's do poster in zebra, you don't already have these made by any chance do you?

C Dalton said...

Do you use Adobe to create your games? They are so cute!

Hanna said...

Do you think you could make round word wall cards that are like your black white dot/pink ones? I would love to use your cards! These look great!

Christie said...

Thanks everyone!! :)

Round ones coming - Check
Dot ones coming - Check
Posters coming - Check
- Stay posted ladies!!

I use PowerPoint :)

Alisha said...

I love these! Thanks for helping me out with my camera competition! Now I am follower of you, too! Where did you get your clipart at? I"m looking for a new clipart site!

Michelle W. said...

Polka dot word wall letters are coming? Goodie! I'm doing black and white polka dots this year and I can't wait for the letters. They are so cute and I need them. :) Just found your blog through a friend and I love your stuff. Thanks for sharing with us all!

April Guin said...

Can you do some Days of the Week in Zebra just like the month ones?? Thanks!

Reasner Blogs said...

I love all of your zebra print items. I have printed a lot of them. I have also shared your blog with some of the teachers at our school. Thanks for posting all these wonderful items. You have made me super excited about this year.