26 August 2011

2011-2012 Classroom (Still Under Construction)

I can't thank everyone enough for the kind words the past few weeks. I was honestly thinking of completely stopping the bloggy world, but I just can't. I can't give up the sharing, the learning, everything. No matter what negative people may be out there. I'll be back tomorrow or Sunday with more of an update, but I wanted to get these pictures posted, because I had some people asking. I need to take some better pictures, but these will have to do for now! The room wasn't totally finished at this point, but a lot of stuff was dunzo. Again, THANK YOU, for all being so amazing, wonderful, positive... EVERYTHING :)

{view from door - so small}

{right side of room - cubbies, cabinet}

{front of room - calendar, small group table}

{left side of room - library, group meeting area}

{back of room - my area}


{the calendar that started it all}

{my personal cubbies}

{the daily 5 board}

{calendar and schedule - now on right of calendar}

{some of the library and group area}

{genre signs, brain bubbles, my fav-or-ite cuubies bins!}

{some of the writing stuff, soon to be literacy bins}

{behavior chart clip magnet chart}

{attendance area}

{birthday balloons}

{job area}

{job & economy information}

{front of my desk}

{storage area, homeworkopoly}

{pencil area, copy bin}

{the stripe binder area}

{bucket filler board}


{love that flower}

{my daily work boxes}

{computer desk/area}

{organized drawers - thnks to create-teach-share for this idea!}

{view from behind my desk, plus my homework box and my phone}

{my book storage area}

{behind my desk}

{front of room}

{right side of room}

{ugh-mazing seat sacks from my wonderful aunt}

{she handmade all 32 of them, even cut the peace signs out}

{finishing touch to the room, can't believe I found these}

Like I said, it's not all finished yet, it still needs a lot more. Things have also already been moved around and it's only a week into school. Not to mention LOTS of stuff still needs labeling desperately! More to come soon. Thank you again to everyone. Love all of my bloggy supporters!!

13 August 2011


I know the world in unnecessarily rude, I have my moments, but some people are just plain mean. I've been working non-stop in my room and at home on my stuff and the last few requests I've gotten from people. I haven't even logged onto my blog in days. That's weird coming from the girl that posted multiple times a day just a few weeks ago. It's also weird I've gotten so upset with things that have occurred this week.

I may be closing up shop permanently after 1 rude person. It's funny how we things happen with our students, and 1 ruins something for everyone, that's kinda how I feel right now. You'd think people would learn by the time they were grownups. One mean person has left me thinking maybe I don't want to bother dealing with things. I'd like to say that I made a silly mistake, but my wonderful mentor for the past 2 years tells her kids there is no such thing. So I'll go with it. I tried to do something nice for someone and in return I was met with some insanely mean people. Maybe I was right to stop blogging the first time around, I love sharing things with people and helping people make their rooms the way they want them... because well I love having my room exactly the way I want it. Maybe I'll sleep on it for a few more days... in the mean time back to my main focus right now, my new 25 friends that I get to meet this Wednesday!!

08 August 2011

Insert Catchy Title Here... Creativity Has Run It's Course...

Hi, my name's Christie. This is how I feel.
{I obviously have more hair, and no facial hair, but point taken}

I really can only dream of a day when I am a tenured teacher and do not have to remove my things from my classroom and start fresh. It's so overwhelming to stand in a classroom full of stuff. Plus the fact that I may have a slight tendency to resemble one of my students who has attention issues. I finish only parts of things I'm working on then I need to move to other things. I go back and forth leaving all sorts of projects lying around the floor. I have wanted to take pictures for 3 days now, but by the time they're kicking us out for the day I'm so exhausted I can't wait to run to the nearest exit to sit in my car and enjoy... sitting... just that. On top of that, the mister's son is staying with us for the weekend, so I've been trying to enjoy some time here and there with them. I actually took a break today to eat some Olive Garden {insert angels singing here}. I'm so jealous, they went to Bear's training camp today. All kinds of sad and jealous about that one.

I found out today, I tentatively have... wait for it... 24 students. That in itself is the miracle of the day. I could also only dream of the day when I would have less than 30 students. I'm hoping it stays that way, but the ink won't be touching those name tags until next Wednesday morning (which by the way, I think I should start practicing my cursive now, cuz... well... it's a extremely little rusty. I am hoping my FABULOUS aunt finishes my amazing seat sacks. We bought the fabric, but I'm not quite sure how they're going to come out. We shall see! Hopefully they're all kinds of ugh-mazing!! :)

To all of you out there in Bloggy Land, especially anyone who has purchased or downloaded anything from me, I so appreciate your patience. A few short weeks ago, my turn around time I custom orders was maybe hours, now it's turned into days. For the most part everyone has been super understanding... I appreciate it tons and tons and tons!! Hopefully I'll have some time closer to this weekend to sit down and fill most of my current orders! :) I have been looking for a few things lately, so I sat down to create some things for myself. I posted a few in my Teacher's Notebook, and I have a few for you!! I also am still working on what I want my giveaway to be... it may be Friday before I figure it out for sure though. Here are some things for your enjoyment!!

{game to practice adding inflectional endings and making new words}

{makes it easier for the teacher to know who goes where}

{printable for readers to keep with them while they read}

{includes sight, math, science, & social studies words!}

{easy for students to fill out, zebra themed}
{perfect for students and you to monitor how much they practice their facts}

Also I must mention I've had tons of requests for things that match the chocolate dots theme, so there are lots of items popping up that match that theme. I've had quite a few questions regarding pocket chart cards for Daily 5. They are posted in the store in 2 forms, a set of just them, and a set that goes with posters that explain what you can do at each activity.
As a side note... I have decided against using these:
I have thought about posting them on Teacher's Notebook, but I'm not sure anyone would want them. If anyone has any interest whatsoever let me know. They are extremely sturdy, made with 2 kinds of cardstock, and the letters are VERY thick chipboard. They are not laminating because of the chipboard. I can take more pictures of them close up or from the side if you are interested! Those letters were crazy expensive to just waste them! 

I've had a few people e-mailing me with ideas for things they have not been able to find out there in teacher land. If there's everything something like this you're looking for, let me know! I'm sure I've thought about making it, or I have it somewhere in my files!! I think it's time for bed for me. I'm stressed and very excited to get back into my room tomorrow. I promise I'll get to pictures and to the giveaway!! Any ideas of things you would want in a giveaway? - aside from a million dollars ;-) 

04 August 2011

Just Admit It...

...you just got finished watching the Jersey Shore.

I can't help it. It brings me such pain joy to watch the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. It's actually more like background noise, but I do stop my work every once in a while to watch.

I'm been spending some time off the computer getting together all of my stuff. I'm sneaking into school tomorrow so I can bring some of my stuff back, measure my desk, measure my chairs, and move everything so I can figure out how much room I have.

I normally am super picky and crazy about things I see, or ideas I hear about. Normally I have to change them up and really make them my own, but I just couldn't help but be inspired by this post by Create-Teach-Share. Omiword, I love it. I'm already scrapbooking my drawers, but this took it to a whole other level. Funny thing is I've been looking for a cute and useful set of drawers just like this. Every store I've been to has not had one I like, until I found the one in her post. I used pink, green, and yes, you guessed it... Zebra Print!! I pretty much LOVE it!!

Over at my store I posted a new Class Information Set full of goodies to use in your binder. I also posted, per request of one of my wonderful readers, a voice level chart. It's a fabulous idea that I've thought about using in the past, but I haven't ever had a problem with noise. Honestly, it ended up so adorable that I might just have to use it. There are a few other things I'm posting based off some inspirations from my FABULOUS readers!!

Ms. Wendy wanted a blank place for her kids to write their names, depending on what stage of CAFE they are on. So she's going to put this right below the posters, and they'll write on it with a dry erase marker! A new take on the idea of putting post it's under each strategy.

Ms. Tiffany used my book labels, but wanted a sign for the place where her kids return the books. I don't do a checkout system, and I have kids put the books back on their own, but I will use this for the bin where the kids bring their library (school library) books back. So sparkly... 

The class information set that took forever. I don't know why, but in order to perfect it, it took forever. These are all sheets I use constantly. There's a zebra information sheet like the one I posted a while back to hand out to your parents to write down the kiddos information.

Here is Ms. Laura's request for a voice chart. I love it to the max. It's all kinds of colorful! 

I've been really slow about getting to bigger customized items, so please stay with me if you're waiting for something. Patience is SOO appreciated. Especially while I get my stuff ready. Depending on how tomorrow and Monday go, I may have to take a customizing break. Eekk... I've been getting overwhelmed though. If you really need something quickly {like one of my bloggy friends who was up at midnight the day before school started and needed nametags} let me know and I'll do my best. Alright my bloggy peeps, I'm away to laminate some stuff while I'm deliriously falling asleep. My 400 follower giveaway is finally coming tomorrow.