28 December 2011

Question Posters & Pronoun Unit

Sooooo... I've been busy creating a Pronoun Unit today. I get distracted so easily, so these simple mini units that should be taking me an hour or 2 are now taking me a whole day! The exception was that I met my Mom and my younger brother for lunch. She always takes off a few over winter break and the week of spring break. It's nice because then I actually have something else to occupy my time other than watching reruns of horrible shows like Wife Swap and watching the same episodes of Storage Wars for the 1 millionth time!!

I also had a request for some cutesy Thick/Thin Questions posters so I whipped those up while I was sitting here. I'm not really sure where the examples she sent me originated from, but I took the ideas from hers, mixed them from what I've taught and created the following. They're on Google Docs, so you should be able to pull them up and download them from the link! If you need to share them with someone, give them the link. Make sure you actually download them so that way all of the graphics and backgrounds show up. Enjoy!

Night Lovelies!! <3

26 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years Sale!!

So, I'm officially blogging from the new computer!! I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to it, as it's a bit bigger than the other one. The keyboard is really giving me the most problems!! They keyboard has a number keypad on the right side, like a normal desktop keyboard would. My old laptop didn't have this, so it's been difficult getting used to some of the button placement. It's also been weird getting used to the ginormous mouse pad on this thing. I feel like I'm always swiping something or clicking somewhere I shouldn't. The changes between my old Windows and Windows 7 has also taken some getting used to! Overall though, I am LOVING it to the max!

Now all I need is the bright pink OPI switch cover and I'll be a happy camper!! 

I've been busy getting to work already. I just can't help it. I was bored within a few hours this morning, and I'm barely 24 hours into my break (okay so I suppose Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was considered break too), but for me it felt like it started today! I haven't attempted anything on Photoshop. I need ideas?!?! What are people looking for that they can't find? I have a whole list of LA topics I need to make things for, as well as an Earth Science unit, and possibly some shape stuff. I have to look at what's coming up in math. Are there posters you just can't find? A unit you're looking for?!? Let me know!! 

I just posted an Adverbs mini unit on Teacher's Notebook. It has a few worksheets, a mini poster, as well as 2 projects along with the writing paper to accompany the projects. If you're interested click on it and it'll take you to my store!!

I'm also in an amazing mood. I happened to be trying to find an old post of mine with something on ProTeacher (which I haven't been on since who knows when) when I came across a post from September about a bunch of my followers who were sad when I went on my hiatus. It made me realize how much I love my bloggy followers and appreciate everyone times a million. I can't tell everyone how much every comment, every post, every pin on pinterest, everything makes me feel! I'm blown away that others find things that I do so interesting. I just thought I'd start sharing in hopes I could help someone. I got so frustrated after the first incident of cruel people stealing things from me, I thought I'd never come back. The support I got the second time around, especially when things went sour  a SECOND time was unbelievable. So as a thanks to everyone I'm running a sale in my store starting tomorrow in celebration of the New Year and everyone's crazy support!!

Well my Bulls are losing, and I'm exhausted, so it's time to refresh my brain for more creations tomorrow. I'm open to creating things, so please if you're looking for something ask away!!

18 December 2011

Only 4 More Days... 4 More...

So my bloggy friends... apparently on Friday someone decided to take my well mannered, extremely wonderful class of 25 third graders and replaced them with some loud, unruly, rude children. I'm thoroughly convinced there is NO possible way those kids that were in room 127 on Friday are my kiddos. I'm horrified at what 8:50 a.m. will bring my way. I pray to the school Gods that they bring back my normal children for the next 4 days. Heck, I don't even care if they get crazy on Thursday, be my guest. I'll trade an INSANE Thursday for a normal, calm Monday-Wednesday. Please. I'm begging you! On another note, I'm so jealous of everyone already on break, but with that said, I'm ubber excited to not be on break until Friday. I feel like when we used to have the week before Christmas off, you spent all of your break getting ready for the holidays, then only had a few days to recoup. I will get off Friday and not return until January 9. I'm a million times excited about it!

So here's a few things we've been busy creating. I've been doing all projects with my wonderful neighbor/teammate (so no, I don't have 60 kids in my class LOL)
Mrs. Jumps Snowglobes (via 3rd graders)
{we modified/enlarged them a bit to fit more writing}


They did a fabulous job!!

Here's the dictionary project!! They did AWESOME!! :)

I'm not really sure where "He's like a little ruler and a little king" came from...

 {idioms central}

{truthfully I'm embarrassed to put these on here - but these are both things I couldn't find much help with, so I thought maybe my ugly little charts can help someone out there in bloggy land - yes I'm a perfectionist who can't stand anything handwritten}

So that brings me this... My kiddos are going to be making their handprint ornaments for their parents tomorrow. I know, I know they do it every year, but I think it's cute to see how your kids hands have grown over the years. I am also making the parents an ornament for them to have. So here is what I made... it's hard to get the full picture because I blurred out the kids faces, but you get the point!

{24 clear ornaments - Hobby Lobby}
[plus I have a child that doesn't celebrate Christmas so I'm making his Mom a frame!]

{boys got green background paper, plus green/black ribbon}

{girls got red background paper, plus red/white ribbon}

After trying to make some last night in the dark, I gave up and left a mess on the floor. I returned to them this morning when there was a lot of light and quickly finished all of them. I was getting very frustrated last night though!! I also got each kid a copy of Sideways Stories from Wayside School because they were $1 each from Scholastic. Can't beat that!!

On a side note, we have a radio station here in Chicago with a morning show called "Eric and Kathy" I absolutely LOVE them. I get very upset if they're not on in the morning. So I'm a "fan" of them on Facebook. They randomly post things on there, like questions about holidays and things. I always look, but hardly ever respond. Well I took an afternoon nap, yes I adore napping! When I woke up {usually I'm grumpy as it is when I wake up from anything} I see a post that says something along the lines of  "Has everyone's children brought home their homemade ornaments yet?" I thought cute! Let's see what kids are bringing home. The responses I saw ENRAGED me!! People were complaining about their typical "foam" picture frames, and "all 3 of my kids brought home the same ornament, they did every year!" People then proceeded to say teacher's lack creativity and some said, "well I guess they won't put much thought into the gift, I won't put much thought into their gift either." 

So I went into a rage-ful post back to those people about how I spend thousands of dollars on my classroom, plus $30 on books, plus probably another $30 or more on the ornament supplies for them, and me to make. I also said I have to pay for presents for my own family and I don't make a ton, so I do what I can. I mentioned that it takes an hour or 2 to make ornaments for 30 kids. Needless to say I was NOT happy! I couldn't believe how ungrateful they were being. So the point of this is that even though I don't have kids, I appreciate everyone who takes the time to make things with their kids, even if it is a "thoughtless cheap foam frame" {ugh, angry posting this now!}. Please don't let anyone make you feel as under appreciated as I felt when I read that post!!

Anyway peeps :) I hope you are enjoying your vacation or last week before the holidays! I wish you the best of luck with your kiddos behaving! If anyone wants directions on the ornaments let me know and I'll make a post, it took me a few tries to really figure out what I should do in order to get them to work! 

Night lovelies! ;-)

07 December 2011

Step-by-Step Snowflakes - Part 1

Alright... are you ready for this? I think my iPhone just wanted to retire on me! It's been busy at work with pictures of the snowflakes!! Warning: It's a LONG post! I tried to be as descriptive as possible! 

Well, here goes nothing...

 {supplies: 6 sheets of paper, scissors, tape}
 {step 1: take 1 of the sqaures}
 {step 2: fold diagonally into large triangle}
 {step 3: fold triangle in half to make smaller triangle}
 {step 4: pick up on fold, as if holding the "mouth/point" away from you}
 {step 5: cut strips roughly 1 inch wide, beginning at fold, until about an inch away from ends}
 {step 6: repeat 4 times, stopping about an inch away from the other end (creates 5 sections)}
 {make sure you cut on the fold, and don't cut all the way to the other side}
 {step 7: carefully unfold once}
{step 8: unfold again, all the way}
 {view from back, see how cuts end before the middle fold}
 {get the tape ready!!}
 {step 9: gather 2 middle pieces together}
 {step 10: overlap the corners, do not pinch them together}
 {step 11: place tape over in order to hold together}
 {you're going to flip this over, so the piece you just tape is on the table}
 {now on backside!}
 {step 12: gather the next two pieces in order}
 {bring together}
{step 13: fold them over each other, then tape!}
 {time to flip again}

{get ready to pull together}
  {step 14: once flipped to other side, take next 2 strips, fold together, and tape}
{time to flip once again}
 {step 15: now take these two, fold them together}
{step 16: fold over and tape. then flip back to other side!}
{step 17: now take the last 2 pieces, fold them together}
{step 18: fold over and tape!}
{one is complete! now you must repeat 5 more times with the other squares!}