Anchor Charts

So over the past 3 years I've made all kinds of anchor charts. Some are just random ideas I came up with, or trying to find a creative way to remind the kids of things. Others came from ideas I've seen online. So here's my disclaimer, I can't take credit for every single one of the ideas on these anchor charts. Some have come from online, others from colleagues, some from my little ol' brain!

I usually keep them up all year round, but some get tucked away behind others, or put away in a binder, so don't mind the messy edges. I tried to take pictures of all of the charts before I gave them away to my kiddos at the end of the year, but most of them weren't in the greatest shape. 

{language arts anchor charts}

{reading anchor charts}

{math anchor charts}

{science anchor charts}

{social studies anchor charts}

{spelling anchor charts}

{writing anchor charts}


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing resource bank of resources you have created! I'm so pleased to see hand written/created posters for a pleasant change :0)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I wish I had the space you have in your classroom!! Great job and thanks for sharing!! Btw I teach 1st and I'm going to steal a lot of your ideas ;) Abbey

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! You are SOOO Talented!!

Christie said...

Thanks everyone! I'm such a perfectionist I hate handwritten stuff, but the kids absolutely LOVE them, especially because they are the ones really making them!! :) Like I said, I def. can't take credit for all of the ideas, there are so many other talented and smarty pants out there as well!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing- will use these ideas for sure!

Richard and Marilyn Anderson said...

Thank you so much for posting your anchor charts! They're wonderful. Thanks for the ideas!

Jessica said...

These look GREAT!! Found your blog through Pinterest search for Fact & Opinion, as I'll be teaching that soon. love it. ;)

The Learning Metamorphosis

mb said...

Hi! I absolutely love these! I was wondering if you have an adjective anchor chart?


Josie said...

You are obviously a thoughtful and creative teacher and I'm enjoying reading your blog for the first time. I admire your artist's eye and know that your kids must love referring to your anchor charts all the time. Just one suggestion: Please have someone check your spelling before you make the charts permanent. There are errors on many charts that shouldn't be displayed in your classroom without editing. Check your Adverb chart for some and others for a few too. Not being picky, but you are teaching at all times and always must be sure you're the one who's correct.
Keep up your enthusiasm! You are very gifted!

Anonymous said...

Pretty impressive- from one 3rd grade teacher to another. any good solar system lessons?

Anonymous said...

Great posters! I will use them in my tutoring.