21 February 2012

It's Been a Long Road...

I just have to say hello to all of my followers/supporters. I have been distinctly absent for a few weeks. We'll just say I've been going through some ubber personal stuff. I had to take a few minutes to thank everyone for being patient, especially all of my Teacher's Notebook shoppers/fans. I've had quite a few messages, which in all honestly, I have been putting aside. I hope everyone can understand. I hope to do some MAJOR catching up this upcoming weekend. So thank you all times a million for being patient and understanding!!


06 February 2012

Monday Madness

{pretty much sums mondays up. my official new slogan for mondays}

just a quickie post for everyone. i'm busy creating, making, distracting myself from any real jobs i should be completing. oh and i'm rewatching the voice again. i heart blake shelton to the max. not to take anything away from my love jason aldean though! anyway after changing around some stuff in my room, making a bunch of new stuff, i decided i don't like it, and i'm think i'm officially going back to black and red like i kind of was my first year. in the mean time... here's what i wasted a billion sheets of laminate on today and will not be using lol. they'll collect dust in my dad's basement!

{boggle version 2.0}

{bright colors and black - new posters}

{extended response for everyone!! clicky the picture!!}

♥ night lovelies ♥

05 February 2012

He Brought it Upon Himself to Visit...

Strep Throat that is. Insert frustrated, exhausted teacher here. Thursday I was exhausted all day, but I made it through the day. Friday I woke up feeling a little horrible, but I thought it's Friday, I'll make it. Plus it's so exhausting to make sub plans and get things ready, especially for a Friday. By roughly 2:00ish I was near death. I made it through math games, then while my kiddos were at their specials for the day I really went downhill. I ran outta school as soon as the kids were gone, drove straight to Walgreens Quick Care. I was convinced I'd get a ticket because traffic wasn't going fast enough for me. I told the nurse to take a strep test, because at that point I was convinced. She looked at me funny. Like, how do you know. Well I'll tell you how I know... I work with 3rd graders! That's how I know. So now here am a few days later, extremely thankful it was strep. Which you may find weird, but I find a relief, because within hours of taking my first dose of antibiotics I was already feeling like a brand new woman! Hopefully I'll be just as thankful in 10 days when I'm done taking them.

In order to keep myself awake for that last 30 minutes, I did manage to take some pictures of things I wanted to share.

{insert the fact i'm kinda crazy here!}
{i'm testing our black backgrounds with colorful, plain borders to see if i like it for next year. i may also try the opposite. bright, plain color backgrounds with black borders. we shall see. this is my sloppy attempt to try the first option}

{maybe i'll like it more once i actually have the new posters on it!}

{we're studying fractions currently, and last week we did pronouns}

{definitely needs to be redone neater, but it definitely helped the kids out}
{this was mainly up to help with the spelling for the fractions. they were having trouble with twelfths. i was amazed that third graders still have trouble with the idea that it's the shaded part over the whole, not the shaded part over the not shaded part - i always thought this was a first grade thing!}

{i completely meant to take pictures of the kids pizzas but it completely slipped my mind and i sent them straight home! we did it step by step and goofy me made them glue the pepperonis on wrong, so they didn't look right when i hung them. for all the trouble they were having grasping the concept, they all did a wonderful job on the pizzas!}

{we finished the rocks part of our earth unit 2 weeks ago, and we just finished the earth's layers part of the unit. so we made our books to help us remember about each layer. apparently it was taking forever for us to messily color them and only a few of my kiddos finished. here's one of the samples.

 {all the layers, and the earth is the cover/back page}

 {we are officially in ISAT mode. so every week we're doing reading and math extended responses. my kids are still struggling with them. but i think we may be making some progress. at least i'll keep telling myself that. here's the last one we did using an article about how our bodies keep us warm}

{it's a work in progress}

{i have to give a MAJOR shoutout to A Cupcake for the Teacher! in my delirious state on friday i forgot all the parts to my big football project at home. i was in desperate need of something easy and cute for my kiddos. the majority of my class is obsessed with football, as am i. they had a project to complete this weekend, so we needed something to go along with our fraction lesson as school. we made these and then used them for our math. but seriously... the project was $1 and came with everything i needed. my kiddos did fabulous. so a HUGE thank you coming from the desperate, sick teacher i was on friday! i highly recommend going on her TN or TPT and buying it. you can always use it next year!}

So that's it for now. I'm still trying to breath normally with all of my congestion! I'm not 100% yet, and I'm sure after all the junk food I'll be eating in a few hours I won't be any better tomorrow! Any opinions on the black? I had a few people say no way! I'm loving it though! Maybe some black, some colored? Maybe back to polka dots?