07 July 2011

Handmade Zebra Things

Hello all!

Sorry I've probably been bombarding your dashboards with my posts today (I would be annoyed!). I wanted to get things posted, then someone said something about polka dots, and I thought well I may as well upload the polka dot versions too. Anyway I was asked to share some pictures of my classroom, I'll try to find ones from last year. I'm so crazy sometimes, I feel like my room's never how I want it, so I don't take pictures often! I will share these pictures in the mean time. These are things I've made in the past few weeks in preparation for the upcoming school year. Just throwing some ideas out for those of you who want to do Zebra print.

I refuse to use the store bought planners and gradebooks. I have to be cutesy! Plus it's so much easier with our cah-razy schedules to do my plans on the computer. I'll probably have to make some lesson plan outlines with zebra somewhere in them! I usually just print out class lists and stick them in the grade book. Plus this way I can always take a page home with homework or leave a page for a sub or something just in case!

I'm not really even sure where this one came from. I just had been making some picture frames, and this was created. I somehow always forget what day it is. A few times I've even gone through the day telling my firsties it was a different day! So anyway it's all magnetic so I can move the numbers around and the month around as well.

Paper Stars
Last year I hung paper lanterns all over my room, because... well I was obsessed with polka dots (and I use that term lightly, as obsessed doesn't even describe it). I have found some zebra print paper lanterns online, but only on random websites that I'm horrified to order from. So I think I'm going to make a gabzillion (yup, it's a word!) of these and hang them around the room, plus... hello... way cheaper!

Word Wall Letters
By now you're probably beginning to find I'm a little obsessive about things, including things matching. There really aren't many zebra print letters out there and never mind finding any letters like this. I made mine last year, so I made some this year as well. They're very busy so I'm still torn on using them, but I like that the letters are thick, thick chipboard so they stick out!

Initial for my Door
I'm going to hang this by my classroom number sign. I always like to have something cutesy outside my room, besides what is hanging out there from the kiddos. This is actually make bigger than it probably looks. Plus, yes here it comes, it's sparkly. I have an unhealthy love for glitter (as my dad can attest to from many years of screaming at me for making things when I was little). Again, not really important, but I thought I'd share!


mtompkins said...

I love zebra print too! I made zebra print curtains for my classroom a few years ago and then it just took off from there! Your creations are too cute! Thanks for sharing! I'm also new to blogging.

WILD About First Grade!

Krystyi said...

Thanks :) That's kinda what happened here! I had another blog, but it wasn't how I wanted and I never posted much, so I figured a new grade, a fresh start with my blog!

Flutterbybrittany said...

I just love your website and all of the zebra things! They are awesome. I have a mix of zebra and butterflies in my classroom. I just love your stuff!

Brittany Neal said...

Hey, I was wondering if you would either share the binder covers you made or explain how you made them. Are they somewhere on TPT? My email is ledbetter2@marshall.edu.PLEASE let me know! :)

Susie Q said...

Where can I find your binder covers? LOVE them.



Christie said...

Sorry Susie, you won't be able to find them anywhere. They were handmade, not digital.