17 July 2011

My Teacher's Notebook

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

So as I mentioned last night I decided to post some games and things on My Teacher's Notebook Shop. I picked this website over TPT because of the reward program. Who doesn't like to get rewarded to shop?!?! For every $1 you spend, you get 5 points. With those points you can get different gift cards for places we all shop like Target, Michaels, etc. I can say that I easily have spent over $100 on TPT in the last year. I also have so many problems with TPT taking forever to load or it won't let me search what I want to. 

Did I convince you enough that you should visit my store? Or sign up for one? :)

Anyway so I'm posting a lot of games I made last year to go with our WTW program for FREE. My bloggy is getting overloaded with things here! It's kinda getting out of control. I'm still going to post the majority of stuff here though, so no worries!! Here's a bowling/matching game I put on there:

I'm also posting some games I'm making now like the ones I listed in the post below this. I am going to have higher 3rd grades so I'm going to need some higher level center games for them to do. I'll be busy creating away today. Hopefully I'll have more posted by tonight.

Well, I'm off to cuddle and create on the couch with this little guy:
While I avoid this:


Tara said...

Can't wait to see it..I teach 4th so your 3rd stuff will work great because I teach I.L. Your blog is so awesome...I am just redoing my color scheme this year and was struggling with what to do (instead of rainbow throw up) so was focusing on pink and green and then found all this awesome black/white stuff at a teacher store and then found your blog with all the black/white polka dots and it was like the heavens opened up and angels sang!!!! It all came together!!!! Anywho, sorry to blab away on your comment section:)

4th Grade Frolics

Christie said...

Love the zebra print! Your blog is so cute! I've just recently started using Teachers Notebook as well and will be checking out your first grade goodies! Thanks so much for sharing-your awesome!

First Grade Fever

Gladys said...

Love all your uber cute creations. Can't wait to see your awesome things @your new Teachers Notebook store.

Julie said...

I really like the Teacher's Notebook site. Thanks for blogging about it. I am sure I will be spending TONS there.