10 August 2012

Classroom Tour 2012 - 2013

She does exist! I have been totally non-existent lately. I'm actually excited for school to start next week and things to calm down! Is that said I think things will calm down when school starts? It will though ;) Anyway I'm here to share my classroom. It's mostly done... there are of course some things that need to be finished and improved, but for the most part finished! They are totally not in order which makes me sad, but it's a huge pain to move them around, so bear with me! :)

{view from the door} 

 {weekly plans organizer}

{miscellaneous decorations} 

{recess & word games plus our reading/spelling program} 

{bins for groupwork, portfolios, etc. plus my old toolbox} 

{back board for charts} 

{view from group work corner towards front of room} 

{view of cubbies} 

{binder/mail storage - plus my library w/the bins that don't match!! ugh!} 

{close up of my cubbies} 

{view from the hallway towards our classroom} 

{another view from the door} 

{file cabinet, storage area - jealous of everyone that can paint their cabinets!} 

{boggle & add it up/math it up} 

{classroom door - not finished yet} 

{where are we - ignore the different velcro} 

{classroom jobs & economy area} 

{behavior chart, attendance check in} 

{calendar which probably won't stay up, objectives area} 

{my space - not complete!} 

{my desk, turn in bins} 

{extra supplies storage area} 

(lesson plans, classroom information, etc.}