27 July 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...

So I've been a little indecisive lately... I've redone my preshy Bloggy a few times now. I think I'm happy with what I finally designed!! I've also been neglecting all other things in life aside from my computer and crafts. I feel like the end of summer creeps up out of no where!! I'm starting to stress out to the max. There are also a few things factoring into this stressful-ness:
  • We were supposed to get into our rooms August 1 - Nope, now it's been moved to August 8!! That only leaves me 1 week because the 3 days of the following week consist of institutes.Ugh.
  • So... I used to have probably the biggest room in the school (it's supposed to be the music room) well now I'm in one of the smallest rooms. I peeked in yesterday and checked it out. Umm... panic times a million more.
  • Because of my former situation, everything was moved home. Not one thing I own is at school. Therefore, I have to move EVERYTHING back to school. Everyone else got to keep their posters and such up, I am starting fresh. {Disclaimer: Although I'm stressed, let me thoroughly confess my gratefulness and appreciation that I do have a job and any size room at all!!}
With all of that said, I've been a busy, busy bee so later when I do some of the 43243 pounds of laundry I'll be back to post some of the lovliness that has been stealing all of my time and causing me to neglect my poor bloggy. In the mean time, to hold you over, here's 5 things I'm currently loving:

 {Starbucks Chocolate Banana Vivanno Smoothie}
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Can I be sponsored by these please?
I can't explain enough to you the deliciousness that comes from this little cup.
Added benefit: You don't have to feel guilty drinking them!!

 {Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Mosturizer}
I don't know the last time I really opened my drawer containing makeup.
This lotion, Mary Kay mascara, and Maybelline eye liner sits proudly on my counter.
This stuff is fabulous, especially for lazy, summer me!! :)

 {Mossimo Pocket Tees}
Umm... Hello?! $8, Long, Soft
Did I mention $8? They're so comfy. I love them.

 {Champion Reversible Shorts}
I normally live in Express Yoga pants/capris, but with this recent 100 degree plus weather...
I've converted to these bad boys. Umm... I love them!!
They're so comfy... not sure about the reversible part... but love them.
Is anyone else freaking out about wearing real clothes in a few short weeks?
Do I even own anything other than these shorts and yoga pants?!?
I should really check on that...

{Nalgene Water Bottle}
This bad boy (mine's lime green) gets me through everyday at school.
This summer it's gotten me through everyday at home and the gym.
Which might I add is pretty much all I ever do. Gym and home.
I also know that if I fill it up twice I'm good on my water intake!

I feel like every WILW has a theme... last week was being tan. This week it's more like being healthy or something. Not really sure. Speaking of health, does anyone out in bloggy land have any good cure/remedy for mosquito bites? The mister had a softball game Monday night to which I brought the puppy to... we sat in the grass. BAD IDEA. Ugh, I have at least 20 all over, from hands to 4 on my left foot. Someone help, please!! Well... I can smell the laundry from here, but no worries my loves, I'll be back later with lots of new stuff!!


ChristyD said...

I can relate to your stress! We reconfigured our district, and I had to move buildings. I have a smaller room with no carpet! :( We were allowed to have 18 boxes moved, and everything else is in my garage! I am sooo stressed because first I have to unpack and then... figure out how in the world to set up my room.. which by the way has hardly any storage space!! :( We can't get in until the 8th also, but luckily, our students don't start back until after Labor Day! Hang in there!!

Emily said...

I see you live in Chicago.. in the city or the suburbs? (I'm in the western suburbs).. anyways! I was at my local Hobby Lobby today and they had a bunch of cute zebra print stuff! Nothing specifically school related, but a lot of cute decorative items that you could still use in your classroom!

Good luck with your smaller sized classroom!

Emily said...

Sorry, just asking about the city or burbs because I don't know if there are any Hobby Lobbys in the city! Not trying to be a creeper ;)

Christie said...

Christy - I'm sorry you have no carpet! I can't imagine that... I hated having all carpet (our normal rooms have a strip with tile & a sink) and no sink, but that's better than no carpet at all.

Emily - I'm in the western suburbs too :) I always feel like a creep asking that too, but I'm always hoping to find someone new in my area that's a teacher!! I basically bought out our hobby lobby about a month ago, but I haven't been in there since then. I should probably go.

thepolkadotowl said...

I totally feel you girly. I am stressing to the MAX right now. I have been in my room EVERYDAY for the past two weeks and I have seriously gotten nothing done. Being a first year teacher and trying to figure out what to do with everything I've inherited is such a mission. The actual organization is killing me. SO...you're not alone, I am right there with you and these anxiety attacks!!! Chin up :)

thepolkadotowl said...

Oh, and I ADORE your new design. It looks fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the email with the six traits! also mosquitos LOVE me and my little girl and we use Ivarest - supposed to be for poison ivy and such but works grest on those pesky bites! thanks again for all you share!

Christy said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog, but I love it! I am in school for my master's degree in elementary education (in VA), so I'll be a newbie. I love looking at teaching blogs (how did I only JUST think of looking at some this week?). I don't know what grade I want to teach yet (even though I know you don't always get to choose what you want). Anyway, that stinks that you are so stressed with the grade switch! I have a 3rd grade teacher friend who is having a baby this weekend and isn't sure if she will go back to work this school year or not. One reason she wants to keep working is because she is afraid of having to switch grades once (and if) she goes back since she is so accustomed to 3rd. But good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine! Also, that smoothie looks delicious!!!

One thing that has stopped mosquito bites from itching for me is putting a piece of scotch tape on it. It really does make it stop itching. Of course once you take it off it itches again, but if you leave them on for a bit, it will relieve it. I put mine one some bites I had before I went to bed because they itched so bad that I couldn't get to sleep, so it works in that sense.

Miss Bowers said...

lovin' the Starbucks smoothie! Love me a White chocolate iced coffee (nonfat- w/ whip!) YUM!!!

Hope you have gotten those bites under control!


Cyndy said...

I LOVE the Mossimo pocket tee! They are the best! Wish I could buy more! :)
Counting with Coffee

Mrs. Carico said...

saw an article on yahoo news this morning about mosquitos and thought of you!! This one was about releiving them!

7. Meat tenderizer calms an itchy bite

Fact: The Mayo Clinic recommends mixing a tablespoon of water with a tablespoon of meat tenderizer and forming a paste to apply to a bite. Using an ice pack can ease discomfort as well. OTC remedies to try: hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion.