17 July 2011

Prefixes, Suffixes, Antonyms, Synonyms, & Homophones Galore

Because I'm delirious at this point, and my contacts are foggy so I can barely see the screen, I'll hopefully be listing these at my store in the morning. I plan on continuing to post most of my classroom management stuff on here to download, but some stuff, like a lot of the games I make take so much time I'll probably be posting them on my store. I've chosen to use Teacher's Notebook for 2 reasons:

1. You get rewards for shopping!! Umm... Hello?!? Yes please!! 
2. TPT always gives me problems when I need it most, so I get frustrated.

So anyway, I have a bunch of free things to post on there so my bloggy isn't totally overloaded with tons and tons of stuff, plus I'm posting these games. I'm thinking of also posting them as a "hard copy" version too, where I will print, cut, laminate, make the envelope, and ship them out... Would anyone ever do that? I know I used to be so last minute that's why I loved TPT, but at the same time, there were so many cute things I wanted but I get so lazy I don't want to be laminating and cutting things out. Plus, hello, look at the adorable envelopes. They're my favorite thing I make!! Here are some of the games I made recently:

Prefix & Suffix War

Fishing for Antonyms

Synonyms for Sale

Homophone Concentration

*Disclaimer: I'm half asleep, there's no lighting in here, and yes I used my cell phone camera for these blurry pictures ;-) Like I said I'll post them on Teacher's Notebook by Monday (I think they're updating tomorrow). A lot of people have been asking questions about things I make, how I'm doing things, about me, where I've gotten things... I'll take some time tomorrow to answer these. I'm continuing to be a hermit crab because we're in for a week of disgusting heat this week. I just want 70's and thunderstorms. Is that too much to ask?

❤ Goodnight Loves ❤

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Mrs. D said...

You are definitely on a roll! I love ALL the things you've shared. These games look too cute! I'm heading to your store now to check them out. :)