23 July 2011


I'm neglecting Sir. Bloggy today... not by choice. I had to let everyone in bloggy land know I'm not forgetting about all of you and I'm busy creating away, just from the comfort of a blanket and ice. I did something to my neck this morning and it's been the most awful pain I've felt in awhile (and I have a high pain tolerance). I chose not to go to the doctor this morning (bad decision!), but luckily my best friend is a recently graduated PT.We're going out and about tomorrow, so hopefully before we go she can work her magic on me.

I'll post stuff soon, plus I'll post pictures of my newly completed Birthday Bucket (with the pixie sticks)!! I'm so excited they're finally done. I couldn't resist the HUGE pixie sticks when I ran to Sam's Club this morning for laminator pouches. Of course my $20 trip turned into a $70 trip between the added Pixie Sticks, and apparently my membership was up... TODAY!! Talk about bad luck!

A lot of have been asking common questions so I'll take a few minutes to give you some fancy smancy answers:
  • I can't e-mail you files I've created, because it would take forever to send them all and I don't have many of them on this computer anymore. Sometimes Scribd can be a grumperton (yea, it's a word) and doesn't like to cooperate. I would suggest trying on another day or time.
  • If you are looking for something specific, let me know exactly what you're looking for. I totally forget everything I post, so you'd have to say I'm looking for Primary Colored Polka Dot Genre Posters or something similar. Make sure you browse through old posts and the labels too, because they may exist somewhere around here!!
  • With school right around the corner (Woooo I can get in Aug. 1st) I'll still be posting things I've made, but I may not be as likely to customize things for free as I have been. For some things it takes quite a lot of time to customize things. I'll definitely still post zebra things, because that's what I make for my room, and polka dot things, but other than that you may have to order them from me through Teacher's Notebook. This will give me a chance to take time on the weekend or after school on days I have time and fill specific orders (like maybe you have a candy theme and want candy themed genre posters). I think everyone can understand that 'cuz we all get cah-razy around school time, especially when starting a new grade!
That's about it.... the boys (the boyfriend and dog) have on Elf... in the middle of a 100 degree Chicago humid-scorching-summer. I love Elf, but there's something wrong about watching it when the AC is blasting in my ear.

Has anyone here in Bloggy Land gone to a sister's conference? There's one in November (?) in Chicago, and I've thought about going, I was going to talk to my Principal about it when I stop in this week. I heard there was a great differentiation conference last week in Chicago, I'm sad I didn't know about it. I would have loved to have gone!!

That's it for my random post. I need to say two things as my ending notes. I'm still totally overwhelmed and flattered by all of you and I appreciate every comment, download, and visit more than I can explain. I was freaking out (in a good way!!) earlier when I found a post on Proteacher earlier about my lil' ol' bloggy!! With that said I've come to the conclusion that I'm totally okay with being a mid-20-something spending my Saturday evening crafting, creating, and blogging with all you!! :)

Back to the ice pack,


Mel D said...

I'm a city girl too! OMG! I would love to see the "sister" BUT I highly doubt it will get paid for by my school...we hardly get any $ for professional development :o) If I end up being able to go I'll hit you up & maybe we can meet! Good luck with the upcoming school year...I'm sure you'll get perfect angels..lol!
Peace, Mel D
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Ms.M said...

I have no problem with sitting at home on a Saturday afternoon & night working. Especially when that work is creative and fun. :)

Hope you neck gets better.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
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Michelle W. said...

The sisters did a session at the IRC in Orlando in May and they were amazing! I used CAFE and Daily 5 last year in my classroom. They really just went over the basics at the session they did at the conference. However, I would love to go see them again!