14 July 2011

In Other News...

It's supposed to be about a million degrees here this weekend, so I suspect I'll be making 100 posts with creations this weekend. I'm so over this heat. I only been in the pool once, that's not like me at all. So stay tuned for goodies. In other news, aside from my giveaway....

Mrs. D over at The Silver Lining is having a giveaway. 

She's giving away a $15 gift card for Dollar Tree.
Go enter, come on, you know you want to make Brain Bubbles!!
What are you doing still reading? Go :)


Mrs. D said...

Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! I love your blog! I'm obsessed with all things zebra, too! :)

Amanda said...

I'm excited that I just found your blog! I'm a third grade teacher from Ohio! :) Your dog is cute. Is it an Entlebucher Mountain Dog? We have one, and your fur baby looks a lot like mine. :) Welcome to blogging!


Krystyi said...

Mrs. D - You're welcome :)

Amanda - He actually is a Fox Terrier. I'm pretty sure he's mixed with a Beagle. Although after googling your dog... he may be part Entlebucher Mountain Dog as well!! :)

Busy Bees said...

Oh, that sounds real hot, so I would want to stay in too and blog all day long staying cool. Just found your blog and it is adorable!! I will have to check out The Silver Lining's giveaway!!