11 July 2011

For All My Zebra Friends...

Here are some of my zebra finds so far this summer:

 use for signs, labels, etc.

zebra plain/zebra & cheetah border

zebra & dots/plain polka dots

 zebra punch out letters

set of 8 zebra drawers

 zebra print file folder holder

zebra placement
(um, i think it may really be a diaper changer lol)

 zebra signs
(not big on the stars, but it's close enough)

zebra file folder holder

zebra print masking tape

 zebra print and polka dot flower decoration
 zebra pen, pencil, etc. holder

zebra print office chair


Cyndy said...

Oh how I want me a zebra print office chair!!! :) Love all the zebra stuff!
Counting with Coffee

Diane said...

Where did you find the zebra drawers, file holder, and zebra and polka dot borders. I just love these things. I've never really done a theme much. I did do a little bit of western over the last two years. I think the zebra and polka dots look great together and I already have some polka dots. I'd love to know where you found these things.

Diane Bradner

Krystyi said...

Diane - All 3 of those zebra things were from Mardel's. We don't have them here in Chicago, but I ordered online. I'm pretty sure this upcoming week they're having a 20% off sale too!!

Diane said...


Thanks for letting me know where you found those zebra things. I think it would be fun to decorate with them. I was kind of thinking about a jungle theme. Your things are so cute! I've never heard of that store, but I'll check their website. I love a 20% sale, too!

The Teacher's Jungle

Tracy said...

LOVE these! where did you find the zebra chair? I've been looking for one everywhere!!