05 July 2011

New Fresh Start

So with a new grade, and year I'm starting a new blog. I'm always the person who needs to change things up all the time. As I start teaching 3rd grade I decided to put away the polka dots, and break out the zebra print! I'm trying to just keep it all zebra print, not jungle themed. I have however found some adorable stuff that's part zebra, part polka dots or part zebra, part colorful cheetah. I'll stick to these things. I'm the one that makes things and then never uses them, just because I like to buy neatly done things that are all in the same style. I can't really do that with this theme though, because zebra print isn't exactly an easy thing to find for all teaching things. Hopefully as I post my zebra stuff, I'll find some time to post polka dot stuff I made last year as well.


The Science Diva said...

Love your layout!!! :)

YearntoLearn said...

Wow, you've been busy posting lots of great stuff.
You'll enjoy 3rd grade.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Chelsea Cockayne said...

Love Love Love your website! What is the best way to print any of the things you have posted? I would LOVE to use them in my classroom.

Krystyi said...

Thanks :)

I save them on a memory stick then bring them to staples, office max, etc. I have a printer at home, but it doesn't print as well as the store printers do. I also print things at school as well because our color printer prints things really well.

Sara Carico said...

I love your blog! I am trying to use a color scheme this year, but black is my background color! Your polka dot stuff goes GREAT with it :)

I used to teach Kindergarten, but now I teach 4th grade. You will LOVE 3rd! They are still sweet and want to please you at that age, but gaining independence! It's the best of both worlds!

Laura said...

I LOVE your blog!! Thank you for sharing all of your documents! I have been able to scratch a few things off of my list and as a second year teacher it is still very long!! Life saver :)