12 July 2011

Brain Bubbles

So here are my {almost} finished Brain Bubbles. I ordered the Puzzle Books from Mailbox, but I'm unsure if I'm actually going to use them for sure. I may make up my own. I also need to finish my check out/answer sheets so I can post them as well. Has anyone else finished theirs? How often are you changing yours? I'll probably do it every quarter for sanity sake! I will have to label them by quarters so that way I can keep track of them though.

The baskets with bubbles ready to be filled!!

The pink one, Language Arts

The green one,  Math

View from up top

I didn't think I'd fill them, but they are perfect

Up close view of the tops... I don't cut circles very well at all! 
Oh well!!


Mrs. D said...

Nice job! Where did you get the baskets? How many bubbles did you put in each one?


Gladys said...

Very nice! I love your blog! I was looking at last years' class pictures and was wondering where you got your polka dot letters for your word wall...I'm doing a polka dot theme this year and haven't found any letters that I quite like yet.

p.s. I'm your newest follower! :)


Krystyi said...

I got the baskets from dollar tree with my bubbles! I put 50 in each basket. They could probably fit another 10-20.

Gladys - You're like my twinkie ;-) except in high heels!! I dunno how I've managed to miss finding your blog in the past.

The Word Wall letters are from Creative Teaching Press. They're from the Dots on Chocolate collection!

Jennifer Gibson said...

What are Brain Bubbles?


Krystyi said...

Jennifer check out Tonya's website Tonya's Treats 4 Teachers. She does a WONDERFUL job explaining them.

I'm not sure exactly how she's going to use them, but I'm going to use them for when students finish their work early so they don't disrupt their classmates.

Amanda said...

Where did you buy/order the bubbles from?


Amanda said...


Donna said...

Do you laminate the questions inside the containers?