22 July 2011

Where to Begin

I've been so MIA the past few days. I've been soaking up the 100 degree Chicago sun!! I've also been busy creating a template for another Bloggy buddy!! I'll introduce her to you all once we finish getting her page setup!! Don't worry though ladies, I'll be back in action all day tomorrow. My brother is gone so it's me and the puppy all day tomorrow with nothing to do. I'm forcing myself to stay away from all stores until next week when I can go in and check out my room. Otherwise I'll have my whole paycheck spent only hours after it's deposited!!

On my list of things for tomorrow:
  • Polka Dot Word Wall Letter Cards
  • Round Zebra Word Wall Letter Cards
  • Zebra Days of the Week Cards
  • Signs of a Good Reader Poster
  • Give Me 5 Poster
  • Western Themed Math Games
  • Primary Themed Library Labels
  • Library Labels w/o Numbers
Okay, come on... bring it :) What else am I forgetting?!? What else is everyone looking for!?! I have some other ideas brewing in my head as well. While I'm thinking of it... Does anyone have these:

They're the seat sacks from Really Good Stuff. I have these {bor-ing} seat sacks currently:

When I started teaching the 1st grade team had ordered them and knew there would be 6 sections, so I ended up with a class set when I started teaching. There are 2 major problems though... They're boring/don't match and I'm 99% sure they aren't going to fit my 3rd grader seats. Now most of the time my OCD behavior would take over and I'd make zebra ones or something, but I have no patience or ability to sew so that is O-U-T. So for everyone's sanity I'm actually hoping someone I know will make them, but in case that isn't a possibility I'm thinking of those bright ones from RGS. I'm kinda digging that little pouchey thing too. Actually, I'm really digging that thing.

As I'm typing this I took a break to finish adding the template to:

A Teacher's Treasure

 I added 2 things to my "To Do" list in the mean time as well. So that's about it for tonight. I'll be busy, busy! I think part of my has avoided posting because I'm so overwhelmed {in an amazing way} with how many visitors I've had already. I mean it's just me. I don't get the big deal sillies ;-)

 ★ Night My Bloggy Friends ★


Reasner Blogs said...

What about some writing process zebra posters? I put up your 6 traits writing posters. I need to have the writing process up also.

Amber♥ said...

Yay! Saw some of the zebra stuff you are working on! I totally agree with you on being OCD about having everything match. I went and saw my classroom yesterday and want everything to match perfectly..not that it is going to happen, but it is a wish I suppose:)

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo! Yipppeeee, I cannot wait to see the Polka Dot Word Wall Cards. I really "dig" your creativity...LOL! Keep up the good work. Hey, even teacher's need a pat on the back. :o)

Ms. Brock said...

I had the pockets you thinking of changing to, and although they seem more sturdy and better looking, after one wash they look rough. I suggest you just stick it out, or look on ebay I saw some on there!!