12 July 2011

Binder Storage

So I used to use mailboxes for my little firsties. My wonderful and amazing  Aunt bought me 2 huge, awesome sets for me. I love them, but they just never seemed to work for me. The kiddos would take their paper's out and there would be a trail going from the boxes to their desk. The worst was when they'd leave important papers in there because they got stuck. It drove me crazy. Then I started using binders instead of take home folders and things got even more complicated. There was nowhere for them to store their binders.

So fast forward to 2 weeks into the school year last year. I decided I was not dealing with another year of that madness. For some reason I decided to store the binders up and down inside of 2 Steralite, plastic crates (1 boys, 1 girls). My problem was that I didn't want to put them in order every morning and I didn't want my TA to have to either, so I needed the kids to put them in order. Having firsties do that most days is impossible. There's always someone that doesn't put it in the right area, or ends up somewhere else. This was where, what I think is my best idea ever, came from (lol, maybe not the best ever, but still I'm proud!).

I have 3 Steralite, plastic crates:

 In each crate, I put 10 folders, labeled with numbers:
My kiddos have secret agent numbers, and this way I don't have to re-number than the following year. In the morning the kids come in, turn in homework, and put their binder in their folder with the correct number. They put them open side down, so the spine is facing up (I have their numbers on the spine). I even got them facing them all the same way so the numbers were always on the left. The kids always knew which color crate their number was in, and where their folder would be.

When it was time to get their mail at the end of the day, my helpers would just pass out the folders (that contained the binders, mail, worksheets, homework, projects, etc.). The kids would put their papers in their binders then I would call quiet tables to get packed up. On their way to get their backpacks they would place their folder in number order back into the crate. (Hey, BONUS!! They're practicing number order, woo!! Go me!!) It eliminated the whole papers falling all over thing, and it makes it so easy to breeze through the bins real quick to make sure all the numbers are there and no one forgot their binder (a HUGE no, no!!).

I made signs that go on the front just to help the kiddos remember which bin their binder goes into. I hope someone finds this post makes their life a little easier. If I didn't explain it, or you still don't understand, please let me know!! I would take a picture, but I don't have mine here. This is the best I can do for you :-P


STRIPE Binder Signs

DOT Binder Signs


Mrs. D said...

I love this idea! Packing up is always such a chore. I've been wondering how I would manage their papers this year. This is great since their folder and papers will all be together. I'm "pinning" your pic! :)


Krystyi said...

Mrs. D...

This may seem funny, but I am SUPER honored to be pinned!! I have to admit I've been addicted to pinterest for weeks upon weeks. Everyone thought I was crazy until they experienced it!

Thanks :)

Tammy said...

I want to make some labels for my book baskets like this. Do you mind telling me where you got the backgrounds and what font that it?? I will share! :-)
Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

Krystyi said...

Tammy - I make any polka dot background... Zebra backgrounds I've just found searching the internet.

Fonts that I usually use are Smiley Monsters, Elephants in Cherry Trees, and CK Handprint.

If you're looking for something specific to be changed, like the background or the colors, let me know and I can easily change them and post them for you to print.

Brittany Kielar said...

I just came across this idea! I love it. Thanks for taking the time to explain it all :)

Sweet Seconds

Jessica said...

So glad I found this post! I am switching to binders this year after using folders and I was dreading the whole mailbox/binder issue. Crates make perfect sense! Thanks!

Also, I noticied in one of the comments you discussed making signs and the graphics you use etc... I am very curious about what program I would actually use to make my own signs. I have found backgrounds, clip art, and fonts I like, but how do you do it???? I see SO many adorable things here and a lot of them would be super useful, but sometimes I need to customize them to make them work for me. Do you mind sharing your process?

Thanks so much!

Heather said...

Love your blog!! So glad you are back. One question; do you have kids turn in finished work into their folder? I have yet to find an effective method to turn in papers....I am only starting my third year, so I have only found ways that don't work :):) thanks again for your fabulous blog!!! Keep posting...I need motivation and ideas :):)