07 December 2011

Step-by-Step Snowflakes - Part 1

Alright... are you ready for this? I think my iPhone just wanted to retire on me! It's been busy at work with pictures of the snowflakes!! Warning: It's a LONG post! I tried to be as descriptive as possible! 

Well, here goes nothing...

 {supplies: 6 sheets of paper, scissors, tape}
 {step 1: take 1 of the sqaures}
 {step 2: fold diagonally into large triangle}
 {step 3: fold triangle in half to make smaller triangle}
 {step 4: pick up on fold, as if holding the "mouth/point" away from you}
 {step 5: cut strips roughly 1 inch wide, beginning at fold, until about an inch away from ends}
 {step 6: repeat 4 times, stopping about an inch away from the other end (creates 5 sections)}
 {make sure you cut on the fold, and don't cut all the way to the other side}
 {step 7: carefully unfold once}
{step 8: unfold again, all the way}
 {view from back, see how cuts end before the middle fold}
 {get the tape ready!!}
 {step 9: gather 2 middle pieces together}
 {step 10: overlap the corners, do not pinch them together}
 {step 11: place tape over in order to hold together}
 {you're going to flip this over, so the piece you just tape is on the table}
 {now on backside!}
 {step 12: gather the next two pieces in order}
 {bring together}
{step 13: fold them over each other, then tape!}
 {time to flip again}

{get ready to pull together}
  {step 14: once flipped to other side, take next 2 strips, fold together, and tape}
{time to flip once again}
 {step 15: now take these two, fold them together}
{step 16: fold over and tape. then flip back to other side!}
{step 17: now take the last 2 pieces, fold them together}
{step 18: fold over and tape!}
{one is complete! now you must repeat 5 more times with the other squares!}


Anonymous said...

love your blog!!!


Anonymous said...

Where can you buy pre cut decorative squares?