04 December 2011

December Already?

I feel like my mind is buzzing with all of the millions of things I need to do within the next 3 weeks before it's winter break. I can't believe it's December already. Last Monday all I kept thinking is "Omiword, there are still 4 weeks left of this madness!" Now just a week later, I'm panicking because "Omiword, there are only 3 weeks left of this madness!" Plus add in some testing, the party day, and a few other random events and it probably takes it down to only 2 weeks. I need to get in all the projects and assignments before break, also for the first time our 2nd quarter is ending before break. That's never happened. I'm loving it, but still it's a lot more pressure to get everything done. My goal is to have report cards dunzo within the first few days of break so I can enjoy the rest of the time with myself and my own creativity! 


Print, laminate and get this sign up outside of my room. ASAP!!

Redo my recipe project for my 3rd graders! Although a bit of controversy came with this project last year (don't ask!) it was a HUGE hit! This year I think I'll have the kids write out the recipes instead of me typing them all. Maybe I'll have the kids type them. We shall see! I need them in by this week though! So I better get on top of writing the letter out!

Somehow incorporate this fine little lady into something I do?!? I've successfully managed to take the snow globe project that I got from Mrs. Jump's Kindergarten into my room, by making the kids write more. But now, how to incorporate this glyph into my room!! {Sheesh! What in the world is wrong with her arm/hand! I did a horrible job on that! Didn't notice until now!}

I also must get the raining cats and dogs idiom board done outside my classroom. The poor umbrella has been sitting there in it's lonesome. I must get the cats and dogs done tomorrow, as well as hang them raindrops around them. The idioms ended up fantastic. The kids had tons of fun with them!

I also am beyond excited to show everyone the winter wonderland that is now my room! My kids did SO AMAZING on their snowflakes! I thought I didn't have my cell with me in my bag at school on Friday so I didn't take a picture, but believe me, it will be taken tomorrow!

What kids of projects does everyone do with their third graders to take home? I did the ornaments with the handprints with my first graders, but I wasn't sure if that was too kid-ish... I think it's awesome to have the ornament to put on the tree though! Maybe I'll still do it... I am making picture frames for all of my parents. I somehow have to get a cute picture of them maybe with a santa hat?! We shall see what happens!

My kids have 1 more week to get their space project done. They had to choose a planet (well 3, then I narrowed it down so we have every planet represented) then make some sort of project about it. It could be a poster, model, etc. I originally was going to have them do that, plus write a paper on the planet too. I thought I'd only worry about the presentation and the project this time though because we have so much going on. I'm excited to see how they all turned out.

I'm slowly getting to my 100 e-mails that have been sitting in my inbox since school started. If you e-mailed me and have a question... and still have the question, send me another e-mail and I'll make sure I prioritize the new ones. To anyone still out there reading sir bloggy, thanks for sticking with me again :)

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Caroline Brantley said...

Love it all! I especially love the Happy Holidays poster. TOO cute!