01 December 2011

New Years Resolution

In my dreams... or maybe... hopefully {crossing fingers} my New Years goal is to Blog everyday, or at least twice a week. I have good intentions, although it may not seem like it. I think about it everyday, it's just I get home and I'm so exhausted. I've recently gotten re-acquainted with Pinterest, after spending 3 months of my summers permanently attached to the screen. My time would be spent much better sharing and blogging with my teacher bloggy people. I'm not even sure the last time I looked at a Blog. I'm horrible. I did however get a few things done for my Teacher's Notebook, as well as I took some pictures of my revamped classroom. I'm here to prove to you that a small room can MOST DEFINITELY become not-so-small anymore!! Hopefully I can give at least 1 of you out there hope that you can rearrange successfully and create an awesome space!! Anyway here's the "new" room:

 {view from door}

{to the right, view from door}

{cubbies - my cubby, center work, homework assignments, content word wall}

{word wall (or lack of) student work table}

{calendar, schedule, half of library, homeworkopoly}

{back focus wall - boggle, reading strategies, words their way, math}

{back corner - words their way sort, writing stages, colored paper, etc.}

{drawers to turn in work along with the containers for binders and homework/papers to go home}

{my area - supply drawers, everyday papers, weekly sorters}

{view from behind my desk}

{view from my desk, along with my little friend who needs to be there}

{small group table, beahvior chart, job chart, attendance, computer, front of room}

{front board - language focus skill, area to write (rarely use), and science area}

 {front corner by door - other half of library, common core (we don't use it yet though, but i do!)}
{library bins, money/notes/math fact collections, brain bubbles, copy bin, dictionaries, word work games}

{view from door to front of room}

I'll have to update my section at the top with 2011-2012 room :) If you look, I promise you it looks a BILLION times better!! I actually LOVE it now! We do so much work in groups and partners in works perfectly! I also adore my class. They are really an amazing group of kids.

One last thing, I'm not sure if I posted anything when I did the space unit... this is proof of how exhausted I am. I'm too lazy to open a new window to look at my last few posts. But I have a space unit in my TN store, and I've done a few more things to go with it. I also have a different version of the space project that I will post later or this weekend. The one in the unit is a longer, more in depth project. This is an easier/quicker one, more focused on the actual presentation. One of my teammates also has done this AMAZING paper bag project with the science units. You basically cut the bag and paste information in the most awesome way! I'm not sure where she got it, but I have NEVER seen it anywhere before! I've made the pieces for it, and the kids love it. I don't want to post it and infringe on her teach-y ideas so I'll talk to her first, if she approves I'll post away because I PROMISE, you will AB-SO-LUTE-LY love it!!

Last night I posted a literacy/math unit. It's got some poetry stuff (similes, metaphors, idioms), dictionary work, a glyph, holiday multiplication/addition top it, another multiplication game. I'll post pictures of the projects soon. I have to get them up in the hallway first though! I also have to post updated pictures with my kids snowflakes... they did SO GREAT :) The room looks AWESOME!! Here's a quick look at the holiday unit.

So there it is... step one to my {before} new years resolution!! I hope everyone in bloggy land is doing awesome and is counting down the days like me :)


Jennifer said...

You're room is toooooo cute!! However, if you consider your room small, you DO NOT want to see mine. It's probably atleast half the size!!! :) we literally have just enough room for the students desk and ourselves. It's miserable! Looking forward to more posts!

Gladys said...

Welcome back, Christie!! Your room looks adorable! :)


melissa said...

Great pictures! I love the back focus wall!
I feel the same way I've been such a bad blogger!
(and pinterest is monopolizing all of my free time)
I look forward to ..you keeping your resolution!! :)

Laura said...

Glad your back! Your room looks great! Can't believe your think of it as small - its double or triple the size of mine! :)

We are also starting the common core - in NY we are required to teach 2 ELA and 2 Math units this year - and then next year will be required to teach all the units - scary! I would love to hear how you are incorporating this into your classroom!

3rd Grade Randomness

Torie Kouri said...

I love your room! I wanted to know where you got the bins at the end of the students desks and what do you keep in there?? Also where did you find that zebra print file folder holder?? Love you blog!

A Teacher's Treasure said...

Missed your posts! Your room looks wonderful!
FYI your room is HUGE! Mine is the size of a match box :( but you're invited ANYTIME to come play with it and change it around.

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Come by & enter to WIN!

Happy Holidays!

❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Kristin said...

Welcome back!
Your room is inspiring!!! Please stick to your New Year Resolution!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Ginger Snaps said...

I have just recently decided, like tonight, that I will be blog stalking you daily. lol

Mrs. Siegel said...

Where did you get the carpet? I know it was a while ago but I LOVE it! I'm doing zebra and neon this year :)


The Teachaholic