05 December 2011

Happy Monday Ya'll!!

Surprisingly enough, it's Monday and I'm in a great mood!! Today was extremely successful at school... I think the change of pace for Math (we moved from multiplication, addition, etc. to doing patterns - a bit more interesting) helped save my day. We started our economics unit today and the kids really seemed to love making their own stores. Plus we made our snowglobes, which they also seemed to love, especially once they learned they would get to put glitter on top of them! I'll have to get my camera ready to take pictures of them! Plus we'll be working on our class dictionaries this week which should be fun!! I'll be sure to post pictures once those are finished as well.

For now, here's our winter wonderland. The snowflakes, although a headache, turned out amazing!!

There's our winter wonderland!! I just needed to share!! I'll be sure to show the projects we're working on. Hopefully I can give some ideas to everyone out there!!


meghan said...

not sure if you posted this before, but how in the heck did you make those snowflakes! SO cute!


Gina said...

I LOVE the snowflakes! So cute!

Delighted said...

I'm so jealous! We can't hang ANYTHING from the ceiling!
First Grade Delight

Tara said...

Love your winter wonderland!! Those snowflakes are amazing!! One of my parents made me one last year! I love it. Would love to have a room full!!!

4th Grade Frolics

Jen said...

I want to be in your room!

Jill said...

Your room looks so wonderful!!! I still have apples on my windows............ I think it might need to be craft time this week... :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Erika said...

Those are amazing! Did your kids or you make those? I want to be in your winter wonderland!
2B Honey Bunch

Lisa K said...

I love the snowflakes! How did you make them?