21 February 2012

It's Been a Long Road...

I just have to say hello to all of my followers/supporters. I have been distinctly absent for a few weeks. We'll just say I've been going through some ubber personal stuff. I had to take a few minutes to thank everyone for being patient, especially all of my Teacher's Notebook shoppers/fans. I've had quite a few messages, which in all honestly, I have been putting aside. I hope everyone can understand. I hope to do some MAJOR catching up this upcoming weekend. So thank you all times a million for being patient and understanding!!



laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Hope things are ok =)

First Grade Blue SKies

Sandy said...

Hope everything is okay! Hang in there! :-)

Tanya said...

{{{HUG}}} Hope everything is better.
☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Ms. Patterson said...

I was just thinking about you

I hope everything works out sending you hugs

ms. patterson
Pocket Full of Kinders

Jodi said...

Hope all is well. Everyone completely understands that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging ;)

Fun In First

Leslie said...

Hope you're doing better now :)

Edana said...

Sending my thoughts & prayers. Hope everything turns out ok.


Andrea said...

Hi Christie! I hope all is well with you and that this week will be better for you. I found your blog on Pinterest and I am a new follower. Your blog is amazing!

Cheers to School

Miss Willis said...

Sending warm thoughts your way:)

I just awarded you with the Top 10 award because I love reading your blog!
Get your award here: http://bit.ly/rtHPbL

Jen@ http://thegototeacher.blogspot.com

Erika said...

Just take care of yourself!

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applesandabcs said...

To Cheer you up...
I nominated you for an award! Come on over and get it! :)


Apples and ABC's

Courtney said...

Hi Christie,

I have been following you for awhile and only recently started blogging my classroom happenings :) Just wanted to stop by to let you know that I miss your posts dearly! I also nominated you for an award. Stop by my blog and check it out if/when you have a chance!

Teaching in Paradise

Courtney Long said...

I have given you an award. Come by my blog and check it out! :)


Fancy Nancy said...

Miss your wit and expertise so much. My prayers are with you that everything is going to work out-

Kimberly said...

I love your blog! I hope you return to blogging soon! You have great ideas to share with the world of education. Hope everything is going good for you!


Kristy Helms said...

I hope things are going well for you. Hopefully we will see you once school lets out!

Nicole Shelby said...

Hi Christie,

I hope you are okay. I have missed you. I love your blog and your wonderful ideas! :)