28 July 2012

A Classroom Preview

I'm very torn, part of me is extremely jealous that some of you are already in your rooms, the other part of me says it still means it's summer break! Because the second I step through those doors it's all over! Anyway I don't get in my building/classroom until next Friday, so I've been working hard the past few days trying to get some stuff together (that's also my disclaimer to those of you waiting on custom orders). Until I get into my room and set up my stuff, I took some pictures so you can see what I'm thinking. I've gone very back and forth about what I'm doing. I really didn't want to do zebra again, but it's so expensive to change themes. I figured I'll do what I can with what I have, that means a black base color for as much as possible with bright colors. It's kind of what I did when I got sick of zebra being everywhere last year. I just want things basic, clean, bright... I dunno how to describe it exactly. Anyway here are some previews:

 {please no more circles... I can't cut anymore circles}

{my new toolbox}
{like i said, basic! not a lot of fanciness} 

{my daily organizer} 

{set one of ceiling decorations} 

{decoration for outside of my classroom door}

Now on a side note, my apartment is so stuffed to the max with stuff! I got a huge hall of stuff yesterday when I went shopping. I went to the actual Lakeshore Learning store for the first time. I was totally impressed!! They had so much stuff!! I couldn't believe the variety of things they had. Like the cut out letters. Omiword they had like every pattern imaginable. Plus most stores don't ever put stuff on sale, but everything I bought was on sale!! I also went to Sam's. I got 4 packages of binders for my Bright Books. I got Ziploc baggies, folders, pens, markers, etc. All that good stuff. A few other stops at a few other stores and I'm doing pretty good. I have about 15 of these drawer things, but I couldn't resist finding this one for so cheap because it's always so expensive everywhere!!

I'm totally excited to get back to my room, but totally overwhelmed. I wish everyone started school at different times so I could still work on stuff for other people, but get my stuff done too!! I'm beyond excited to enjoy my last week of freedom though :) Have a fantastic night ya'll!!

Oh, and I forgot!! Teacher's Notebook is having their Back to School Bonanza!! This is so amazing! You need to see this!! Umm... hello you can win $25 to spend at Teacher's Notebook!! They're doing it everyday until all of the money is gone!! Go enter so you can win!!

Here's the info:

    Teachers Notebook is sponsoring a campaign to raise $10,000 (or more) from corporate sponsors and parents. All of the contributions to the campaign will be given to educators in the form of gift certificates to purchase the educational resources that they need.
    They need your help to make sure educators have access to the educational resources that they need for back to school as well as for the school year. Additional educational resources enables educators to better reach the varied academic levels of their students. Educators constantly strive to reach students above and below their grade level. Additional resources will help students be actively engaged and more likely to reach their fullest potential.
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Ginger Snaps said...

Your colors are exactly what I'm doing in my room this year! =) Love it!

Ginger Snaps

Pam said...

Hi there. Your black and bright colors are looking good, but I LOVED all of your zebra theme stuff! I hope you still plan on sharing those things. Thank you!

alwayslearning said...

So, can you tell me where you got your drawer unit so cheap? I have been looking at those for awhile:)

Pam said...

Oh, I forgot to ask you where do you get the rolling cart with the different colored drawers for so cheap?

Miss R said...

You made me laugh when you talked about your apartment being packed! Mine is too... AND I'm in the process of packing up the rest of my stuff because I'm moving closer to school in about 2 weeks! EEK! I'm really jealous you're getting in your classroom next Friday! I can't get in mine until the 13th!

Miss R's Room

P.S. I love your pom poms! I made some today. I think they're going to be cute hanging from the ceiling! :)

Apple Blossoms said...

I'm right there with you! Not going to my room til middle of next week, and only 2 days a week for 2 weeks before we MUST be there, so I'm a little stressed but I figure that's AT LEAST 4 days in the room. That HAS to be okay, right? I also have an area of my home crowded with classroom stuff LOL! Enjoy your time :)

Apple Blossoms

Mrs. Woodbury said...

I love your daily organizer and am amazed you found it in black. Where did you get it? Did you craft it? I want a black one but all I can find are the multicolored ones that would not look so hot in my room. Thank you for sharing.

Colleen said...

I love all of your creations! I am very jealous that Sam's is carrying the multi-colored drawer cart now! Did you get it there? I have a brown one that I bought last year, and it will just have to work for this year too :)

Thanks for the great ideas!
Fantasically Fun and Fresh Fourth Grade Ideas

Carrie said...

Lovin' the bright colors I can't wait to see your finished classroom. I like how you use the bins for daily organization. I use folders and it NEVER is enough room! Thanks for the great idea:)
The Common Core Classroom

Anonymous said...

I am creating my own teacher tool box. Having trouble figuring out how to make the labels stay in place. Any tips?

Tracy said...

Would you be willing to share your teacher toolbox setup? Love the room! so nice that you have so much storage space! :)

Anonymous said...

The word is 'haul ' not hall!!!!

Ashley Dudeck said...

I love those carts! I have one 10-drawer and two 20-drawer. They are lifesavers!

Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

Yvonne Dixon said...

I just bought one of these drawers as well! :) I love them.-Yvonne DixonSassy in Second

Katie said...

Do you use a cameo or cricut or anything??