10 June 2012

Classroom Jobs

I'm thoroughly convinced as I've gotten in my mid to later twenties (what exactly is 27 considered these days?) I've developed ADHD. I never remember having it when I was younger, but I'm confident I have it now. What got me thinking about it is how I have about 45 tabs open in Google Chrome right now and somehow I stopped all of those to post about classroom jobs. I got a message the other day about someone who was looking at a post about jobs, but wasn't sure what most of them were, so here's my description of the classroom jobs I have narrowed mine down to.

Line Leaders – My class always have secret agent numbers (just their number where they are in ABC order). They line up in their 2 lines (boys and girls) in number order. My line leaders obviously get to be at the front of the line for the week. These students are also my bathroom monitors. They make sure the kids are silent in the bathroom and make sure the kids are moving in and out so we’re not at the bathroom for 5 hours. They also make sure everyone is out, and when I see them at the end of the lines waiting outside the bathroom I know we’re done. So I suppose when we leave the bathroom they are technically line enders. I’ve seen teachers do bathroom monitors right behind line leaders as well.

Line Enders – Obviously the opposite of a line leader, they are at the end of the line. They make sure everyone is out of the classroom and everyone in front of them in line is behaving how they should in the hallway. I am very strict in the hallway and I expect them on their absolute best behavior. They also should close the door or turn off the lights off if I need them too. They don’t always like being at the end, but for me it’s a huge responsibility because they’re watching the whole class.

Paper Passers – These students pass out papers when we’re doing classwork, or help passing out any other tools/manipulatives. You must teach them how to pass out papers, especially if you rearrange the room. It took me 3 years to realize this. It’s a disaster if you don’t really remind them constantly how to pass out papers. Don’t forget to reteach them if you change the way your classroom is arranged. They also must know where to put the extras. I know give me a speech about saving paper! But you need extras! They always lose things or do them wrong.

Homework Helper s– These students check in the homework from the night before. I also have them do miscellaneous other things depending on what was for homework. Last year I was lucky enough to have math workbooks so one would check the homework in, the other would pass them back. I may have one put stars on the homework if it’s all done, or sometimes there are more than one assignment so they’ll take turns. I DO NOT take grades on homework. I always thought that was common sense, but apparently it’s not. That’s why as long as it looks done I’ll have students put a star on it.

Substitute – These students fill in for anyone that’s not at school that has a job. They also may do miscellaneous other jobs for me if other students are busy. I am also not afraid to fire students if they aren’t doing their job, in that case the substitute would take their place.

Behavior Patrol – I have a clip board next to our clip chart that has the students down the left side and dates colors or dates at the top (I don’t remember! Oops!). Anyway the behavior patrol goes to the clipboard at the end of the day and makes sure that all of the students who moved a clip/magnet are marked on the clipboard. It’s also their responsibility to call over students who changed colors to check their behavior logs. This is another job for responsible, very trustworthy students who you know will tell the truth and do their job everyday.

 Insurance Officer – This person is there as insurance, just like the job says! If someone has a messy desk, this person helps them out. If they spill something, they help them out. This is a great job for that student that loves helping others out. It’s also comforting for students to know that if they have a messy desk, can’t find something, spill something, or don’t know how to do something they can go to the insurance officer and ask them for help. Some weeks this person doesn’t do much, other weeks they are the busiest person in class!!

Librarian – This person/people take the library books down in the morning to the library. I also have these students occasionally organize the library bins and students book baggies/bins. They are also responsible for making sure the room is cleaned up (no books, bean bags, pillows) around after we have had independent work/reading time.

Absence Insurer – This is another job for responsible students. This student is responsible for writing down the assignments/activities that occurred during the day for any students that were not there that day of class. I have sheets that students fill out, and then they make sure at the end of the day they organize all of the papers into the absent folder for them. This job is key in 3rd grade, as we have grades in our district and absent work needs to be made up.

Messenger/Reporter – This student takes any messages to other teachers as well as their more important job of taking down things to the office in the morning. In our district we take a hot lunch count and collect lunch money, as well as any other money that comes in and send it straight to the office. They count how many kids have moved their numbers to hot lunch and take any money or notes down to the office in the morning.

Clean Up Patrol – These students check the floor everyday at the end of the day. They check to make sure all scraps are cleaned up. I am very strict about this. We talk about how this classroom is ours and it’s like a 2nd home/bedroom and how we have to be responsible as a family to clean up our classroom. They also make sure the tops of desks are cleaned and on Fridays the chairs are stacked so the custodians can clean the room up. They also make sure cubbies (our cabinets where backpacks and stuff are stored) are closed during and at the end of the day.

*These jobs are more used in a classroom that has an economy. Unfortunately because of the fact that our district had accelerated and general classes this year, which therefore meant kids switching classes (think middle school/junior high), I wasn’t able to keep the economy*

Banker – The banker cashes checks that students have. They run the cash register as well as the store. They make sure they are giving the correct amount of cash out, as well as making change when students buy things in the classroom store. They have to make sure they stamp cashed checks as well so students cannot use them again.

Payroll – This person writes down who had what job so I can write checks out to students on Thursday nights. This person then passes out paychecks on Friday so they can be cashed later by the banker. They also can assist the banker in the classroom store.

I hope this helps someone come up with classroom jobs!! If you still have questions let me know! I'll be creating new job spot posters/labels for this year, so watch out for them! If you're looking for the old ones, search 'Jobs' on the right side under topics and you will find the older ones!!

I am in the process of writing some posts related to classroom management... I've always felt it's my stronger suite, so I'll try to share the things I do. I know new teachers can use any tricks and tools they can find. Plus I am a firm believer that if you are strict/firm with your classroom management you get through things easier, leaving more time for fun educational things. Just keep an eye out at the top for more posts.


Jill said...

I need to take strictness lessons from you!! I think I need to step it up next year. :)

Thanks for describing all of your jobs! I had 12 jobs last year (one for every kid), and this upcoming year I'll have 18 so your job list will help me come up with some more!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Ummm I NEED to add banker and payroll to my classroom jobs!! I am so sick of doing it myself!! lol

Laura said...

This is very helpful, thank you so much!!


Sandra said...

great list of jobs! I do most of them but I'm going to try to add a few of yours!! :)
Thanks! BTW I love your blog design! It's so pretty and bright!!! :)

❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Christie said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad it inspired some of you!!

Sandra - Thanks!! I designed it myself, so I really appreciate it!! Makes all the time I spent on it worth it :)

Leslie Korenek said...

These are great! It's hard to find a good, descriptive list of classroom jobs.

Anonymous said...

Great list of jobs. I work with 3-5 yr. olds. Rather than have a Behavior Patrol person I have a Peace Ambassador. They get to wear the coveted two sided sash when they are the Peace Ambassador. The sash is a shiny pink material on one side and zebra print on the other side. I get two many that turn this job into a license to be a bully, so I put a positive spin on it.

Anonymous said...

I love all of these jobs! Awesome blog. My school is really big on Going Green so I added an "Energy Conservationist" This person is in charge of turning off classroom computers, Promethean/SMART board and the lights at the end of the day :) Keep up the great work!

Stephanie said...

Hi! I just found your blog and OHMYWORD! I wish I had found this YEARS ago. Your job list (and so many of your other amazing ideas!) would have helped me so much during my first year of teaching. One question: Is there any way to find/get a copy of the absence insurer's form? I'm curious to see what it looks like.

Thanks a million for all your amazing ideas!