25 January 2012

Random Thoughts Wednesday

This really isn't going to be teacher related? I guess. I've been bursting at the seams to post all of this fabulous stuff we've been doing in lil' old room 127, but I came home completely intent on posting all night and then it happened... the internet stopped working. Stop. the. presses. Me equals almost in tears. I basically hyperventilate without internet connection. So here I am... in a delirious state. I've cleaned for 4 hours, I just sat down. There's basically nothing worse than working all day with 25 third graders, then coming home and cleaning (Okay so maybe there is... I know most of you have kids and have to clean after a full day. That would most def. be worse)! Sidenote before I begin... I now have to brand every photo I post, as some loosey goosey is claiming my photos as their own. Creepers! So alas I present to you... my random thought Wednesday:

has anyone ever gotten to school planned on doing 8 million things and instead plugged in the laminator? (is that even how you spell laminator?) Anyway... Tuesday my intention was to do all sorts of stuff, laminate a few things, then be on my way. This is what the result was. I laminated the pants off everything. Plus I'm revamping things because: 1. I constantly need to change things 2. I'm trying to start changing things over to next years theme. I was so disappointed when the bell rang and I realized I wasted the entire morning!

{friday - dismissal took roughly 45 minutes because of this madness}

{ordered these boots on halloween - they just arrived in the past 2 weeks}
{note:so worth the wait}

{i'm officially in PANIC mode - i have completely run out of space}
{that little space in the middle used to be my board, now expository just gets rolled up all day}

{is anyone else crazy about giving tests in the middle of a week?}
{i hate giving tests on like wed/thurs, then i'd have to start a new unit on like a thurs or fri}
{so we did an AIMS tangram lesson - these are the best LOL, they crack me up!}
{i heart the turtle!}

{the final copies of the picture part of the adverb project!}
{they put an INSANE amount of detail! i couldn't believe it!!}
{i'll post the final results this weekend - hopefully - when they're done}

{it was wear red day - red for perseverance month}
{these were the only red shoes I had, i freakin' love them they are so comfy - i pinky promise}
{i have them in nude, black, these, and i want them in the bright pink - but the boy said no way lol}
{anyway apparently a few 1st graders said they wanted me cuz I wore pretty shoes}
{i. heart. kids.}

I told you I was going to be random. Anyway the pencil sharpener... still GOING STRONG. As if there was ever any doubt! I even dared, I know it was dangerous, to sharpen 2 colored pencils today! They sharpened no problem! The kiddos have even used it! I think I need to find a permanent place for it and it'll be even easier 'cuz they won't have to steady it. I need some reason to do a giveaway soon, cuz Troy said he'd do a giveaway with me! I'd be happy given one of those bad boys away. That's it. I promise more teacher/school related posts tomorrow!!


Hadar said...

haah! loved this! so you don't always wear flip flops! Who is snagging your pics?! That's just weird!

mtompkins said...

Killer shoes!! Love them! My first graders always comment on my shoes. The higher the better I say! ha! I'm totally with you on the million and one things to do list. I seem to ALWAYS have BIG plans...which never get completed. haha! oh, well. There's always next time. :)

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Ms.M said...

I adore your rainbow stuff. To die for.

Ms. M
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Estate Management Services said...

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I need more space, too!!
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Jodi said...

Love the boots!! And, even though you pinkie promised, I'm having a hard time believing that those shoes are comfy ;)

Fun In First

Mrs. B said...

I am COMPLETELY with you in the "I have NO room" issue! In our district we are only allowed to cover 20% of our wall space (fire hazards and such) leaving me with absolutely NO room for charts, posters, student work, etc. I have room for about 4 charts to be up at a time so they are constantly changing and not staying up for student use ... frustrating!

P.S. sorry bout your pictures....that's WEIRD!

Kate said...

I always get sucked in by the laminator...never fails! Super cute tangrams!
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Laura said...

I love love love your boots! Where did you find them?

Edana said...

YES, I love the boots too!!

Sorry to hear someone out there is snagging your pics, how rude!! btw, what kind of camera do you have anyway? I'm shopping around for one :)

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Gina said...

I've *tagged* you! Check it out at my blog :)

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Miss Foote said...

I tagged you too!


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Lisa said...

I love the boots!!! :)

I tagged you, so hop on over and check it out!

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Rena Eason said...

Love all of your items!! I was wondering what fonts you use?? Love them all? Which are your favorites??