30 January 2012

I've Been Tagged!!

So apparently people were tagging others like crazy last week? Or this week? I'm not really sure. I feel as though it's my duty to play along though! I feel like a horrible person. I'm usually so neglectful of things like this. I always forget to post about awards and such. I promise I'm not rude. It just usually is the last thing on my mind when I'm on here. So anywhoo because of the ladies over at chickadee jubilee, chocoholic teacher, and live, laugh, & love to learn I must post. Here's the deal:

{the rules}
1 {post the rules}
2 {post 12 things about yourself}
3 {answer the 12 questions sent from the person that tagged you. then create 12 new questions for the people you tag}
4 {tag 12 people and link them to your post}
5 {let them know you tagged them.}

{all about me}
1 {i have an addiction to crime shows. if you were to look at my dvr, nook, etc. you would probably worry about me. if someone told me i had to give up teaching and find another job i'd be all over applying for the FBI. no joke}
2 {i basically cannot function without dunkin donuts. if you aren't familiar with dunkin donuts please make yourself familiar with one. take a road trip. find one.}
3 {i have been dating the boy for 4 years. we moved in after knowing each other only a few months. totally. not. me. i would scream at anyone that told me they were going to do it. he's a country boy. i'm a city girl. it works.}
4 {i'm ashamed to discuss this. but here it goes. i grew up a white sox fan. when i met T he guaranteed he'd make me a cubs fan. a few trips to wrigley and i was in. love. ps if you're not from chicago you'll never understand why this is such a big deal}
5 {i got my first job 2 weeks into the school year right out of college. talk about throwing you into the fire. i had like 2 days to collect enough stuff for a classrom. 1 day to decorate. and 1 day to mentally prepare myself for 30 first graders. oh i shudder just thinking about it.}
6 {i am insane about my handwriting. i used to rewrite my notes a million times in college. typing started to save some time, but i still am extremely uncomfortable about it.}
7 {my dog is my child. you post pics of your kids. i post pics of my pupperoni. i love him more than words}
8 {i constantly need to change things. its shocking that my room has been the same for a few months. i'm already starting to change for next year. if i could i'd change my theme every month and move everything every other week!}
9 {i sent my best friend flowers today on her lunch because she had an awful day. it made me feel better about my day. try it sometime. i promise it'll make you feel better.}
10 {i probably seem like the quietest, most anti social person at lunch. i never talk. i've always been like that. i just can't stand discussing diets. or the bachelor. or kids. or really anything unless it's sports. and maybe jersey shore/teen mom. but keep that one on the dl}
11 {i wear yoga pants everywhere. it's perfectly acceptable. shhh... i've even worn them with heels and flats some days. don't let anyone know that though. try it, it's weird, but then you realize it's awesome.}
12 {i could live off mexican food. tacos. enchiladas. salsa. cheese. yum. actually i could live off cheese.}

{answers to questions} 
i picked 12 of the ones that best applied to me from tags.
1 {what subject do you like to teach the most} most days i'll say math. unless it's something insane that even i don't understand. i just like being able to have so many choices on what i can do for subjects.}
2 {what one thing would you buy for your class if money weren't an issue} a smartboard, like 5 computers, and 5 ipads. my school doesn't have any computers in the classrooms for the kids! ugh! we also don't have smartboards. or any technology for that matter. its actually shocking for other people considering where i teach
3 {how did you come up with the name for your blog} wellllll.... i teach. in flip flops. all. the. time.
4 {if you could choose any grade to teach, which would you choose? why} that's actually really hard. when i was in college i used to say nothing below 2nd. but i loved 1st. when i did 1st i thought no way i'd do 3rd. now i love 3rd! so who knows!
5 {what is your favorite drink} sweet tea. anyone live in the south have room for me?
6 {what is one piece of advice you have for a new teacher} love. your. job. let your room and those 25 (15, 30, 23, however many) become your haven from everything else. if there's one thing i know. the worse thing i can possibly do when i'm having a rough day/time is to take time away from my kids/classroom. when i'm there i forget about anything bad/crazy that's happening in real life.
7 {what is your favorite type of music} country. hands down. jason aldean. carrie. eric church. loves!
8 {what are some of your hobbies} sports... watching them, playing them, watching T play them. love them. running. it hates me. i love it. sleeping. no joke it's a hobby. i don't have many hobbies.
9 {what is something you do to stay organized in terms of grading/lesson planning/copies for school/etc.}i have my draws that keep things sorted, plus i have the file box thingys for each day of the week. i use a lesson plan that's kind of a 4 square, but that'll change in a week i'm sure. my team does most of the copying because they have assistants. otherwise i'm usually a month ahead in my copying
10 {what is your favorite snack} this is tough. right now i'd have to say these nature's valley peanut butter crunch bars. love. them. other day i'd tell you turtle chocolate chip cookies. or kit kats!
11 {what is your least favorite thing about teaching} its just so frustrating to hear what people think of teachers. i really had a man at the dollar store ask me why i was in there because "teachers get paid too much to shop there!" it's also frustrating when parents don't communicate with you. it's like going to going straight to the ceo of starbucks because they gave me the wrong size. how about just asking the baristas?
12 {what are your favorite shoes, for school} flip flops!!


Gina said...

My boyfriend is a Sox fan, but I still won't let him convert me. Go Cubs Go :)

Allyce said...

Living off of cheese is perfectly ok in my book! I'm glad I'm not the only one who wished they could rearrange their room all the time!

Miss Foote said...

I am SO jealous you have a Dunkin Donuts! We used to have one in Oregon, but they are all gone!

Chickadee Jubilee

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

We can always make room for someone who loves sweet tea!!
First Grade Blue Skies