03 August 2011

{Linky} Currently I am...

I've been craving a good Linky Party!! I always hope they come on other days though, because I love What I'm Loving Wednesday (dontcha worry, it's coming later)!! I love the idea of this one, so I'm joining. Now you should will too!

Oh Boy Fourth Grade  is hosting, so go check her out!! :)

Here's what you have to do:
Write down what you are currently
  • Listening
  • Loving
  • Thinking
  • Wanting
  • Needing
  • Stalking (Choose 3 Blogs, One has to be non teacher)

So maybe my "Currentlys" weren't that exciting, but it was still fun!
Now quick, go do yours. {no it doesn't have to be fancy silly!}


oh' boy said...

thanks for linking up!!! i am going to pinkloulou right now to check it out!!!

Md Arif said...

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