01 August 2011

Let me introduce you...

To my own personal H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

It consists of this:

In addition to that, I also just spent 5 hours on the floor laminating so... my back is killing me.
Now add to this 200 sheets of laminating, that need to be... wait for it... CUT OUT.
{insert doom-ish scary music here}

Now imagine this absolute chaos in every nook and cranny of your life. I can.not.take.it. 
I'm going all kinds of crazy and I'm all kinds of stressed out. 
And to top it off it's a billion degrees out, and it's so humid you instantly are sweating as you take foot outside.

With that out venting of the way, I am working on some things, because I've been neglecting posting new stuff for all of my bloggy loves! Because none of that is quite ready yet, I'll take a few minutes to answer some questions that have popped up a lot lately. 

Where did the Zebra & Polka Dot desk set come from?
It's a girls store called Justice. They actually have some cute zebra stuff. 
It was a little pricer than I would have liked, but hey it's adorbable!

What do you use to create things you make?
I usually use Powerpoint. I used to use Word, but Powerpoint lets you do much more.
I just taught myself over the years by playing with things. 

Explain the bucket filler board.
It's actually a jewelery holder {i think} that I got on clearance last year from Michaels. The pockets aren't that big.I didn't want to deal with 30 buckets, and this year I won't have enough room. I love the idea of bucket fillers, but I'm not 100% positive I'll do it again this year.

Can you customize...
Best way to ask me to customize something is to e-mail me. I see comments, but often I don't remember to respond to them later on or remember what exactly someone wanted. 

I promise lots and lots is coming in the next few days :) Plus a giveaway will be coming as well!! Yay!!

{One of my new teammates called me in the middle of the post, I started this post around 8, I'm now just posting it at 11. That's how my day is going. She definitely made me a million gazillion times less stressed out though! Yay!}


Tammy said...

LOL! You are too funny! I love your posts...very funny. It's like we are having a conversation, but you can't hear me. tee hee! I have seen several people say that they use power point. I never would have thought. I am definitely going to have to try it!
Thanks for making me laugh! PS next time find someone with little girls and they will have a 40% of coupon for Justice....trust me! I have a house full of girls!
Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

jennygollup said...

random question....what laminator do you use?

Rachelle said...

I'm lovin' the zebra! Have you ever looked at hobby lobby? They have way cute Zebra stuff and you can print a 40% coupon if it's not already on sale! :)

Caroline said...

hi! I LOVE your stuff! I was hoping you could customize your water bottle labels for me. I would love them for my 4th graders and instead of the pink can you do a turquoise/teal color? Thank you thank you!

Christie said...

Tammy - A 40% off coupon would have been huge! I got coupon's with my purchase, but that didn't help!

Jenny - I use the Scotch one... it's been through everything. I felt as though I had to give it a pep talk before I started it up yesterday. I call him Larry the Laminator because around this time every year he's like my best friend.

Rachelle - I've basically bought out the 2 nearest Hobby Lobbys... you should have seen the looks on people's faces when I checked out!

Caroline - Send me an e-mail (teachinheels@gmail.com) and I can get them to you.

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I just came across your blog and love it! You are making me reconsider my pirate theme to go for the zebra print. All your labels and decor looks so cute! Good luck making the switch to 3rd grade. I taught 3rd before my current position in 1st and loved it too.

Cyn said...

Christie once again you have made my day...I guess I need to go back into Justice. They didn't have all this when I went last month. Love reading your blogs and can't wait to see what else you come up with. For some reason I am now being recognized and not just anonymous. I got several comments about the zebra stuff I have hung up in my room....I have been ranting and raving about you like I have known you for years :)

Fabulous Firsties said...

I love all your zebra stuff! I just put up my zebra word wall letters today in my room! I was wondering where you picked up the two zebra rugs? They would make a great addition to my jungle room! Thanks for all your printables!

Louanne said...

I love your zebra and dot stuff! My room has some of both! I found this site looking for more zebra -has some cute things! :)

My Kindergarten Kids

Cyndy said...

Do tell!! Where did you get those fabulous zebra rugs? :)

Cute Zebra Stuff said...

I can see you love cute zebra stuff as well!

I just can't get enough of zebra pattern and other cute zebra stuff!