04 September 2012

Quick, It's a SALE!!

Soooooo.... Were you panicked today because you already felt like you needed to plan next week? Yea me too!! So here ya go: 20% EVERYTHING in my Teacher's Notebook Store! Clicky on the picture!!

After yesterday's post with this:

I had quite a few people ask about them, or if I'd make them one! I posted them on my Teacher's Notebook Store. I just posted a few of them for now. If it really is an interest I'll think of making more!! Check out my store if you're interested or send me an e-mail Miss.Teach2009 at GMail :)

Here are a few other things I thought might interest some of you:

{class behavior bingo} 

 {all about me poetry, as on the wall for curriculum night, then i turned it into a book}
{obviously this is my page - the cover has been on my to-do list for a week, oops!}

{my page! woohoo!} 

 {2 of the kiddos pages... look at my adorable little heart faced kiddos!? tee hee}

{random i know, but i actually like this part of my board}
{i ran out of contact paper, so i improvised and flip flopped the background}

that's all <3 goodnight. 


Natasha Buckner said...

That is so cute! Do you have it you could email me? Thanks!

Hollie said...

Please share/explain the Behavior Bingo. I may need a different strategy later in the year when my current system starts to loose its luster.

Thanks, Hollie

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could explain the Behavior BINGO and if your learning objectives signs were available? I didn't see them on TN.

Katie said...

Just found your blog and I am OBSESSED! You're awesome. Which direction are you from Chicago? I've lived in Glenview (north) for like 14 years. I want to be as organized and awesome as you when I have my own classroom!

khairul044 said...

Just say hi.........

Anonymous said...

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Harga Printer said...

Class Room Binggo.. Its Nice Idea yeahh...

Anonymous said...

Where can I get the cute Objective labels? I love the color on black! Also, do you have the Behavior Chart-like the one shown in the picture-for sale?

Love all of your stuff!!


Christy Burleson@Online Accredited PhD Programs said...

A sale! I love a good sale! I love all of these good little teaching tools and they are worth the price. Thank you for posting about the awesome sale.


Unknown said...

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